Catch the teaser of Meet Cute exclusively on Sony LIV!!

An anthology of 5 stories of people meeting by accident and the cute
conversations that ensue. Produced by Nani, and directed by Deepthi
Ganta, Meet Cute, will be streaming soon on Sony LIV. The show
features renowned actors like Varsha Bollamma, Srividya, Sameer,
Ashwin Kumar, Sathyaraj, Ruhani Sharma, Raj Chembolu, Rohini Molleti,
Akanksha Singh, Deekshit Shetty, Alekya Harik, Adah Sharma, Shiva
Kandukuri, Sunaina, Sanchita Poonacha, and Govind Padmasoory.

While talking about the series, Director Deepthi Ganta said, "I first
heard the word Meet Cute in one of my favorite movie "The Holiday".
Meet Cute is 2 strangers meeting over cute, unexpected circumstances,
the beautiful conversations that ensue and a memory that lasts a
lifetime. This anthology explores that thought and delves into finding
the beauty in serendipitous situations in everyday lives. Sony LIV as
a platform has been known to bring forth refreshing and authentic
stories that resonate with the audiences and it’s been a pleasure to
collaborate with them to bring our show to viewers across the

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