Bunny's daughter's birthday surprise

Tollywood star hegro Allu Arjun, who is treading a steady path towards success, by scoring a blockbuster with every film, makes sure that he spares time for his family and makes them feel important. Whenever he gets time between shoots, Bunny makes sure that he spends it with his family, especially with his son and daughter. November 21 is very special for Allu Arjun as it is the day when his daughter was born. Allu Arjun’s daughter Arha was born on November 21, 2016. She has completed four years and is entering fifth year. The actor surprised his daughter by taking her for a horse ride in the morning of her birthday . Allu Arjun also shared a photo on his social media account and captioned it as, a small surprise on her birthday. Allu Arjun is currently busy shooting for the film Pushpa.

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