Blockbuster director Atlee and his wife Priya Announces pregnancy via social media!!

Atlee is an Indian Filmmaker who changed the face of south indian commercial cinema and shifted gears to become the most successful director of this era. He broke barriers to become India's biggest filmmaker with Bigil, being the highest grossing tamil film of 2019. Atlee's first bollywood project which is going to be one of the biggest films of indian cinema is set to release next year starring Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan.
In 2014, Atlee married actress Krishna Priya after years of love. They aspired together to start a production house "A for Apple Production" and successfully produced two films under their banner.
Being married for 8 years now, Atlee & Priya are about to move onto a newer experience in their lives.
Even miracles take a little time.
With tears of joy and a lot of mixed emotions, Atlee and Priya announce their pregnancy.
"We are grateful for all the love and support you have showered upon us over the years, we would like you to continue showing your love to our little one as well.
Eagerly waiting to embark on this exciting adventure of bringing our little bundle of happiness into this world with all your blessings" says the power couple of Indian Cinema.

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