Happy Birthday to Natural Star

Ghanta Naveen Babu who is popularly known as Nani started his journey as an actor with the film 'Ashtachamma'. He was born to Rambabu and Vijaya Lakshmi couple. His parents are from Challapalli in Krishna district. Rambabu settled in Hyderabad by profession. Nani, who grew up watching Mani Ratnam movies, wanted to settle down as a director anyway. At first he did as a Radio Jackie with the help of his friend. After that, he joined the film 'Radha Gopalam' directed by Bapu as a suggestion of his distant relative producer Anil. Even after that he worked as an assistant for some films. Director Indraganti Mohan Krishna, who had just seen him, approached him for a character in his upcoming film. At first he said no to the offer, but after he accepted it. Shooting of the movie stopped due to lead pair dates. With this, Nani and Swati, who were the second leads, were taken as the main leads and completed the film. The film was released and was a great success. Everyone who starred in this film got a good name. Nani's career also took a turn with that film. After that he did Ride, Snehithuda, Bhimili Kabaddi Jattu pictures. The film Bhimili Kabaddi Jattu had a good success. Ala Modalaindi film that released in 2011 made him stand out in the industry as a solo hero, and he never looked back with this film. With blockbusters Films like Pilla Zamindar and Eega he gained more fans. He was also introduced to the Tamil audience with the films Veppam and Aha Kalyanam. He became a producer and produced good films like Awe! and Hit. Beginning his journey as a Radio Jackie and become popular as an actor, producer and T.V presenter is an ideal for many. Wishing our natural star on behalf of Media9 a very happy birthday.

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