Bhumika and Srikanth share a beautiful smile

The name Bhumika Chawla brings some fond memories to Tollywood fans. This
pretty damsel scored young hearts in films like Khushi and Okkadu. She has
worked with star heroes in the Telugu industry and hit several blockbuster films.
After marriage to Bharath Takur, Bhumika Chawla stayed away from films. Before
taking a break from her career, Bhumika delivered superb performance in the
Tollywood film Anusuya. After a gap, she returned to films in character roles. With
the film MCA, she started making films. Currently, Bhumika Chawla is playing a key
role in Gopichand’s upcoming film Sitimar. She is also playing an important role in
srikanth’s film. Recently, Bhumika posted some pictures that she took with
Srikanth. Both of them look extremely cute together.

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