Bheems Ceciroleo wins Best Music director award for Balagam at Dada Saheb Phalke international film festival!!

Balagam, directed by comedian Venu Yeldandi and produced by Harshit Reddy and Hansitha, where the ace Tollywood producer Dil Raju presented the heart-touching family drama. The film raked huge money by pulling big crowds to the theatres with word-of-mouth publicity. The movie with the whole and sole of Telangana, has been receiving many international awards.

Meanwhile, Bheems Ceciroleo wins the Best Music director award for BALAGAM at the 13th Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival. Bheems Ceciroleo and producer Harshith Reddy received this prestigious award. This is a huge achievement and also a proud moment for the entire team of Balagam.

780+ films in the competition from almost 81 countries and this rooted film and it's music wins the hearts of everyone. The work of the music director has connected with everyone and has soul, and it all translated into the film's success. Venu Yeldandi deserves all this applause and accolades.

Balagam has now become the torchbearer for small budget movies from industry, especially from the Telangana region. Making the film in Siricilla, Telangana, reaching global platforms, and winning awards was a journey of genuineness and honesty in the writing and making of the film.

Balagam is a story of human emotions that revolve around the death of an old man. Venu Yeldandni beautifully wrote and pictured the emotions between his characters. Dil Raju, the presenter of the film, equally deserves all the appreciation for bringing Balagam to the Telugu audience.

Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Kavya Kalyan Ram, Muralidhar Goud, Rupa Lakshmi and Sudhakar Reddy played key roles in the movie

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