Beat the heat as more than thousand fans of Global Star Ram Charan come together to spread kindness at Shankar Temple, Juhu & Bhiwandi in Mumbai!!

More than 1000 fans of the global superstar, Ram Charan, came together at the Shankar Temple in Juhu & in Bhiwandi in Mumbai  to give away 7,000 bottles of refreshing buttermilk to people in and around the temple. The initiative is being organized by Ram Charan's fans, who have been inspired by the star's philanthropic activities.

Ram Charan is known not just for his work on screen, but also for his humanitarian efforts off screen. Via multiple associations, NGOs, The Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, the Global Star has headlined  blood donation camps, eye check up camps, COVID relief camps, and supported various other charities over the years. His fans have taken inspiration from his actions and decided to take this initiative to give back to the community.

His fans have made sure that his legacy of kindness and generosity continues to inspire others. This buttermilk giveaway is just one of many ways in which they are hoping to make a positive impact on society in the true spirit of Ram Charan.The campaign was organised in Mumbai on 6th May and Solapur, Maharashtra on 29th April 2023 where 2,000 bottles of buttermilk was distributed given the heatwave, rising temps, increase in overall malnutrition. One word for this - HEARTWARMING!

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