36 years for the movie Babai Abbayi

Balakrishna and Anita starrer 'Babai Abbayi' directed by comedy brahma Jandyala created a sensation in Telugu film industry. Leading actors like Sutti Veerabhadra Rao, Sutti Velu, Rajendra Prasad and Rallapalli played important roles in the film. Th film's story revolves around the hero, who mets the father of the girl who he loves and wishes to marry. The father makes fun of his poverty and the hero makes a resolution that he would comeback only after becoming rich.  The girl's father gives him money and a month's time and tells him that he should spend all the money but he shouldn't earn a penny over the money. He promises to give his daughter in marriage if the hero fulfils the condition. The hero goes away saying that he will  spend the money in a jiffy but he the money is doubled and the hero becomes a millionaire. No matter how much he spends, the money doubles and never runs out. The story ends with the father telling him that he did this to get to know his character, and that money will not leave us in peace of mind. Carrying a good message, Jandhyala screened the film with his comic trademark. The film was a hit.

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