Award winning film maker Ram Alladi’s ‘Pages’ movie is based on ‘women’ and ‘conception of freedom’!!

New York based award winning filmmaker, Ram Alladi who won numerous international awards for his films “Chiseled” and “Ra’s Metanoia”, is coming up with another political masterpiece called ‘Pages', which is based on ‘women’ and ‘freedom’. The film’s interesting teaser is out and that grabs the attention.

The film is titled ‘Pages’ and is made in Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and English languages, apart from the customary Hindi language. This is a female oriented film and it has Kalpana Tiwari in a leading role.

Speaking about the film, Ram Alladi said “The story talks about the difference between social freedom and one’s individual freedom”. These are the main traits of ‘Pages’. The film has a post-independence backdrop and it revolves around a political family that is affected by post-independence developments. It also has a track pertaining to Bangladesh and the way in which it is interlined to Telangana. It essentially revolves around women, and the conception of freedom. Being a resident Indian for two decades it influenced me to write this story. It is a complete fictional plot. This film has Kalpana Tiwari and three other women in the lead roles. The film is shot in Hyderabad, Warangal and nearby areas. Story, screenplay, cinematography, and music composition will be the main assets of the film.”

Cast: Kalpana Tiwari, Pankaj Munshi,  Anand Rangarajan, Silpa Das, Prasad Kamalanabha, Ravi Vaid, Neehari Mandali, Sumanta Mukherjee, Vijaya Mary, Madhu Guntupalli, Arunasri Sadula, Nanda Kishore, Dawood, Yashwanth Sadula, Aradya Marla, Vineeth Madhekar, Rajitha Erugurala, Syed Muneeb, Rohit Satyan, K. Bhavana, Krishna Goda, Saibaba Yengaldas, Ram Vanga & Others..

Music: Shrivardhan Sai

Editor: Rudra Alladi

Cinematography: Ram Alladi, Krishna Guntupalli

Dialogues: Dipti Gangrade, Devesh Kumar Rathore

Story and Direction: Ram Alladi


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