Arun Vijay's action crime thriller 'Aakrosham' to release in theatres on a grand scale on December 16 Producer CH Satish Kumar says the film is rich in emotions and action!!

The Tamil movie 'Sinam' is one of the best outings in Arun Vijay's career. 'Aakrosham' is the title of its Telugu-dubbed version, featuring him as a cop. Made as a revenge drama, the film is a crime-action thriller and an emotional family drama, too. CH Satish Kumar and Smt. Jaganmohini have collaborated for the project. The action crime thriller is going to hit the screens in a grand manner in the Telugu States on December 16.

On Wednesday, the makers interacted with the media in Hyderabad to brief them about the highlights of 'Aakrosham'.

Producer Satish Kumar said that the film conveys the emotions pertaining to multiple familial relations in an engrossing manner. "Our film has also got captivating action segments. Since the emotions and other ingredients are relatable to everyone, we are sure that 'Aakrosham' will be embraced by the audience. In consultation with distributors, we have decided to release the movie on December 16. 'Aakrosham' talks about issues that our society needs to deal with. We hope that the audience are going to bless us when our movie releases in theatres on the 16th," he said.

Actress Pallak Lalwani said that Hyderabad feels like home every time she is in the city. She added that Tollywood is special. She hoped that 'Aakrosham' receives the kind of response that the Tamil original had received. Madhu is her character's name in the entertainer.

Hero Arun Vijay said that he is quite excited about the Telugu release of his movie. "I am eagerly waiting to know the audience's response here. Our earlier plan was to release 'Aakrosham' on the 9th. But we have postponed it to the 16th with the intention of ensuring the maximum release. A good movie must reach everyone. The family audience, especially women and girls, are going to enjoy watching it. This is an emotional action thriller with a nice message," the actor added.

Arun Vijay also said that his association with producer Satish Kumar started growing with the film 'Enugu'. "I am glad that he is releasing 'Aakrosham'. He is intent on ensuring that the film gets the maximum release," the actor said.

The film will find takers in Telugu, as the audience here don't make a distinction between big and small movies. Films with content and entertainment value are always respected by the Telugu audience, the makers said, also talking about highlights like music, performances, and cinematography.

Also starring Kaali Venkat, RNR Manohar, KSG Venkatesh, and Marumalarchi Bharathi, the film is directed by GNR Kumaravelan.  


Arun Vijay, Pallak Lalwani, Kaali Venkat, RNR Manohar, KSG Venkatesh, Marumalarchi Bharathi & others.


Vigneswara Entertainments and Smt Jaganmohini in association with Movie Slides Pvt Ltd

Producers - CH Satish Kumar, R. Vijayakumar
Director - GNR. Kumaravelan
Music - Shabir Tabare Alam
Director Of Photography - Gopinath
Art Director - Michael BFA
Editor - A Rajamohammed
Associate Cinematography - Soda Suresh
Associate Director - Karthik Sivan
Co - Director - Saravanan Rathinam
Story - Dialogue - R Saravanan
Costume Designer - Aarathi Arun
Lyrics - Karky, Eknath, Priyan, Thamizhanangu
DI & VFX: Knack Studios
DI Colourist: Rajesh Janakiraman
Stills: Jayakumar Vairavan
Stunt - Stunt Silva
Production Advisor: R Raja
PRO - Naidu Surendra Kumar - Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)
Music Label - Muzik247
Posters Design: Vikram Designs

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