Anveshi Teaser: True bonafide detective thriller!!

Anveshi movie starring Vijay Dharan , Simran Gupta in lead roles has Ananya Nagalla in the key role. T. Ganapathy Reddy is producing this film under the banner of Aruna Sri Entertainments under the direction of VJ Khanna.
Today team unveiled the teaser of the film. The teaser begins with a love portion which looks refreshing and suddenly turns into investigation mode. A young man dreams of becoming a detective. He also falls in love at the same time.
However, his life takes an unexpected turn. Travelling to the Maredu Kona area at night is prohibited. The protagonist travels to that village where a ghost is creating problems for the village. Then our detective Vijay Dharan investigation begins and we have to wait to see how the mystery unfolds in theatres?
In the teaser, the creators withheld a lot of information and raised lot of questions about the murders and investigation. And the end shot surely raises lot of curiosity in audience. Chaitan Bharadwaj scored the music.
The film produced by T. Ganapathy Reddy under the banner of Aruna Sri Entertainments and the makers planning to release the film in summer.

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