Anushka's cute looks!!

For the past couple of days, Anushka Shetty's close-up image, where she is seen sporting a smile in a high bun. And today, the actress is once again grabbing everyone's attention with this picture. This time, Sweety's simplicity added appeal and charisma incessantly and even without posting grand, the actress has everyone's eyes on.

Anushka posed beside a mosaic wall which has the famous painting from the kid film, where Charlie Chaplin and the kid peeks behind the wall. Along with Charlie's hilarity and kid's charm, Anushka is also seen peeking at the camera while standing partially behind the wall. Her playful and cute smile is once again melting our hearts and Twitter is filled with this new picture with fans posting and praising her world beauty.

Anushka wore ripped denim and a blue knee-length top, standing there with all grace and serenity. Despite no movie updates and no social media updates from her, it is indeed commendable to see how Anushka is trending with just a single picture. To much surprise, this Lady has the power to grab us even in her casual Wear and no make-up.

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