Anupama stuns in black Malayali beauty

Anupama Parameshwaran, who stunned everyone with the Tollywood film A.. Aa, has got a lot of opportunities in the Telugu industry. She utilized all the opportunities that came her way and established herself as one of the most sought after actresses in South. Apart from movies, she also keeps entertaining audiences audience not only in movies but also on social media. She shares her photo shoots and Tik Tok videos through social media.Now, Anupama has posted photos of herself wearing a black dress. Anupama has captioned these photos as “The Black Lady”. The beautiful dress was designed by Prasanna Yanmula and the actress was photographed by Karthik Shiva. The photos in this black dress are now viral on social media. Anupama looked ravishing in the dress. Anupama is currently acting in the film ‘18 Pages’ with Nikhil in Telugu. The story is given by Sukumar. Kumari 21F fame Surya Pratap is the director and Sukumar and Bunny Vasu are producing.

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