Anu Emmanuel reveals the secret behind her locks

Actress  Anu Emmanuel is a gorgeous diva, who has attracted her fans with her expressive face and lustrous hair. Be it the innocent   girl in Naani’s Majnu or the girl with a lot of attitude in Shailaja Reddy Alludu, she has expressed all emotions even without uttering a word and that is how expressive she is.  It is  very important for an  actress to maintain her beauty and health. In a recent instagram post, Anu  revealed that she has to take extra care of  her hair to prevent hair damage, because of constant application of different hair products for styling.  Through her post, Anu also revealed that she uses herbal shampoo and sweet almond oil to keep her hair naturally healthy. She also shared her favourite brand Vilvah that gives the best herbal products for hair care.

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