Anjali’s movie on Netflix tomorrow

Tollywood actress Anjali, who amazed Telugu audience with her performance in
Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimallechettu, is doing both movies and web series. OOT
platforms have been on the rise since the corona lockdown. There are new
directors coming up with new concepts and new content to woo the audience. Big
stars and directors are showing interest in making web movies and web series.
Anjali is the latest star moving on to web films. She will soon be seen in the film
Pava Kadaigal. It is the first Tamil anthology film to release on Netflix. Anjali will be
seen playing a lesbian in the film. It is the first time that she has acted in such a
story. The film has Sai Pallavi, Simran, Prakash Raj, Anjali and Kalki Cochin. The film
is directed by four directors Sudha Kongara, Vetrimaran, Vignesh and Gautham
Menon. The teaser of the film has been shared and it will be released on Netflix on
18th of this month.

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