Anita Dongre’s store opened in Hyderabad

Anita Dongre, is a popular name in the Indian fashion industry with stores in North India. She has fans all over the country for her designs that are stylish as well as traditional. The good news for the fashion freaks is that Anita Dongre has now set up her new store in Hyderabad.Anita Dongre shared the details of her new store along with the store’s phone number and posted its photo on her social media account. The store is situated at Banjara Hills, Road No. 10, Hyderabad. Anita Designs, a well-known label for fashion clothing in the North, wants to expand her network through the store in Hyderabad. The designer has won many awards in the field of fashion and she also launched the jewelry brand “Pink City”. We all should wait and see how successful she will be with the Hyderabad store now. Many commented on his post that they are excited to visit the store.

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