Anita Dongre saying the best of Benares lehengas

Leading fashion designer Anita Dongre has always been at the forefront of giving fashion tips that suit Indians. Anita, who started a fashion house called House of Anita Dongre, is now very famous. There has also been a very good response among celebrities to her works. Anita, who has also won many awards for her fashion works, is active on social media. Anita showed off the magic of Benares lehengas today. "Benares lehengas are a testament to the delicate artistry of hand-woven Benares lehengas that follow traditions to the last gold thread. It takes a few months to make our hand-woven lehengas on looms. Each of these lehengas is unique to each weaver.” she posted. Those lehengas are outstanding as they fit the post. She also designs gold jewelery for these.

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