Andrea feels nostalgia

Actress Andrea, who debuted in Tollywood with the film Yuganiki Okkadu’, is very popular in Tamil and enjoys good following there. She later acted in the films like Vishwaroopam and Gruham. With web series, web films and films, Andrea has her hands full. Recently, Andrea shared a post on Instagram and shared ‘This is the longest time I have not stepped on to the stage. Recently I saw my on-stage picks. Nostalgia seemed to be a bit of a sight. Stage is always a pleasure for me. I'm looking forward to getting on stage and falling again.’ This post of her’s has impressed all. Andrea is not only an actress but also a good singer. Andrea sang the Song of ‘You Are My Romeo’ in the film Bommarillu in Telugu. Andrea also sang the song Bharat Ane Nenu. She also gave countless stage performances.

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