"Andhaalu Chadhive Kallakainaaa " First Lyrical Song from LoveMouli Out Now

From the movie LoveMouli , a crazy song titled "Andhaalu Chadhive Kallakainaaa" has been released, featuring the talented actor Navdeep. Directed by Naira, Prashanth Reddy Tatikonda is producing it under the Banners of Nyra Creations. Navdeep's new look in the film has already caught the audience's attention. With his rugged appearance and a traveler's vibe, he makes a striking entry on a bike in the newly released song "Andhaalu Chadhive Kallakainaaa " This song, sung by Anil Krishna with lyrics by Anantha Sri Ram Katchi, is creating quite a buzz. Govind Vasantha, the music director, has made an entry into this film with some fresh compositions.

Navdeep is putting in a lot of effort to redefine himself in Love Mauli as Navdeep 2.0. He surprises everyone with a completely new makeover, sporting long hair and a rugged beard. The film was shot in picturesque locations in Meghalaya, and it marks the first Indian film to be shot at these breathtaking places.

Cast: Navdeep, Pankhuri Grashanth Reddy Tatikonda
Director: Naira
Producers: Prashanth Reddy Tatikonda
Music Director: Govind Vasantha
Cinematography: Naira
Cinematography : Avaneendra
Editor: Naira
PRO : EluruSreenu ,Madhuri Madhu

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