Anand Deverakonda increased his speed

Anand Deverakonda has established himself as a talented actor by coming out of the shadow of his brother Vijay Deverakonda and proved himself with the biggest OTT hit Middle Class Melodies in 2020.

Though Dorasani has failed to give the much needed lift to this young actor he got recognition for his talent shown in the character of Raju in Dorasani. In Middle Class Melodies, he portrayed a different character who struggles between life choices and career aspirations which won the hearts of audience. Now Anand Deverakonda is coming up with a comedy thriller Pushpaka Vimanam which is creating buzz in Tollywood. Pushpaka Vimanam also starring Sunil, Naresh along with beautiful Saanve Megghana and Geeta Saini is directed by Damodar.

After Pushpaka Vimanam, Anand will be doing Madhura Sreedhar’s film under Madhura Entertainments and Roll Camera Visuals and more details about this film are awaited. In another film being produced under Hi Life Entertainment banner, Anand is going to be the hero in this film being helmed by debutant director Uday Shetty. In addition, talks are going on to do a film with Suresh Productions as this is still under finalization stage. Anand with these three films is going to be busy in coming days and it’s going to be an eventful 2021-22 for this talented young actor.

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