Amazing Theme Poster from R.S 92 movie team

Angry Young Man Dr. The film team has released the 92nd movie theme poster starring Rajasekhar. Shivani, Shivatmika, Srujan Yarabolu, Bhargav and Harsha Pratap are co-producing the film under Off Beat Films and S. Orignials banners. Young director Kiran Kondamadugula is directing the film. Kiran, who was introduced as a director with the last film Gatham, is working on his next film with Rajasekhar Garu. Image. There has been a good response to the theme poster released by the team. A news paper article with the headline ‘Makers of Gatham announce their second’ and shows an an article with the caption ‘Sex Trafficking has become a $ 100 billion industry’. Next to the newspaper is a gun, bullets, a peg glass, a lighted cigar and goggles on the newspaper in this theme poster. Basing on this poster, there is buzz that the film is going to be on  women trafficking. Rajasekhar is making his mark by choosing different stories and we wish him all the best.

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