Amala in Hyderabad for a project

Amala Paul is one of the Tollywood heroines who has acted and entertained audience in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada films. Born in Kerala in 1987, Amala is a Malayali girl who started her career as a model. She debuted in Malayalam films in 2009. After that, she worked in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu cinema and built a strong reputation for herself. In Telugu, she was seen in films like Bejawada, Love Failure, Nayak, Iddaru Ammayilatho, and Jandapi Kapiraju. She is currently, working in the Telugu remake of the Netflix Hindi film Lust Stories. Amala Paul will appear as one of the leads. Amala, who has always made it to headlines with something or the other going on in her life, is now focusing on her career in films. At the same time, she is also focused on fitness and posting fitness updates on her social media. Amala Paul has recently come to Hyderabad and she posted the same on Instagram. Amala shared photos of the flight. She also revealed that she was in Hyderabad for a project.

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