Allu Arjun celebrates son Ayaan’s birthday!!

Allu Arjun’s son Ayaan celebrated his 8th birthday recently with family and friends by his side, where he cut a customized Deadpool cake. Dad Allu Arjun played the perfect host. The Icon Staar always takes out time from his busy schedule to be there with his family – be it for their birthdays, anniversaries or school events. He maintains the perfect work-life balance and is known to be a family man.

His mother Allu Sneha Reddy ensured that her son has the best birthday ever, with a little help from his sister Arha. The party was also attended by his grandfather Allu Aravind.
This is one of the few times when the Icon Staar celebrated the birthday of his son in Hyderabad. The family usually takes off to a foreign destination to bring in the birthday of Ayaan. Ayaan had a memorable birthday with a lot of adventure activities arranged at the party.

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