'Alanti Sitralu' releases on ZEE5 Makers say everyone is going to talk about the movie!!

Hyderabad, 23rd September 2021: It's the unanimous opinion of viewers that there is no dearth of entertainment when ZEE5 is around. The streaming platform has entertained the audience across languages (not just in Hindi but also in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarathi) with a wide range of offers, be it web series, originals, or direct-to-digital releases. 'Alanti Sitralu' is the latest film to come out on ZEE5, on September 24. A social drama, 'Alanti Sitralu' stars Shwetta Parashar, Yash Puri, Tanvi, Ajay Kathurvar, Prawin Yendamuri and others. The Supreeth C Krishna directorial reflects the thinking and conflicts faced by today's youngsters. The new-age film is a direct-to-digital release on ZEE5. The movie was premiered to the media a day before its release. Speaking on the occasion, the team of 'Alanti Sitralu' talked about their product.

Presenter Raghavendra Reddy said, "It feels great that an amazing OTT platform like ZEE5 has released our movie. I sincerely thank Anuradha madam, Sai Prakash and Prasad Nimmakayala on this occasion."Yash Puri said, "I have played Rag, a youngster who is fighting an internal issue at home and is also out to create his own music. I got to work with a dream team while playing a nice role. I am very happy to have got to work with them all. I thank my director, Raghavendra Reddy garu and the producers on this occasion."

Prawin Yendamuri said, "More than me, it would be great if the media people talk about our product because I give their words a lot of value. I have played Dileep, a youngster with grey shades. If the film has reached this stage, the credit goes to Raghavendra Reddy garu and Rahul Reddy garu. Raghavendra Reddy garu has contributed immensely to ensure the ZEE5 release. I thank the streaming platform on this occasion. "Ajay Kathurvar said, "I have played a boxer in the movie who faces problems both on the personal and professional fronts. I and Yamini (Tanvi) share a cute love story. The teaser and trailer have been a hit. I thank the media for the support. Every story is a fine one in 'Alanti Sitralu'. I thank the director and the producers on this occasion."

Tani Akaanksha said, "I have played a young girl belonging to a traditional family. Her love story with Yash is quite interesting. Besides our story, there are three other stories in the movie. I urge the audience to watch our movie without fail."

Director Supreeth C Krishna said, "I hope the audience and film critics are going to talk about the craft in 'Alanti Sitralu'. I thank my technical team, without whom the output wouldn't have been this great. The lead actors have performed so well. And special thanks to Raghavendra Reddy garu, because of whom we are here. Rahul Reddy garu has always stood by me. More than entertainment, the film is about its content."

What is the film about?

Rag is a 25-year-old singer and guitarist. He gets attracted to a prostitute who is older than her. Dileep is a gangster who wants to lead a normal life away from conflicts. Yash, who dreams of becoming a boxer, has his life intertwined with the other three characters. "Four individuals, four diverse occupations, four different lives. What happens when they cross paths with each other?" This is what the film is about.

Production Design: Rohan Singh; Editing, Sound Design: Ashwath Shiva Kumar; Cinematographer: Karthik Sai Kumar; Music Director: Santh Omkar; Presenter: K Raghavendra Reddy; Producers: Supreeth C Krishna, Lokku Srivarun, D Rahul Reddy; Writer, director: Supreeth C Krishna.

Alanti Sitralu - Press Meet Photos - Download link

Alanti Sitralu - Actress Tanvi Akaanksha Photos - Download link

Alanti Sitralu - Press Meet VIDEO - Download link- Download link - https://we.tl/t-WQOc2o6U8W

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