Akhil to launch Under Armor

Young hero Akhil Akkineni posted a new video on his Instagram. This video
is not a movie teaser or movie update but about a brand new gym that he is going
to launch in Hyderabad. Initially, there were only sports-related products under the
brand called Under Armor. Now, this brand is opening a new gym in Hyderabad.
Akhil Akkineni posted a video related to it. This gym is going to be launched by
Akhil Akkineni. The gym is located at In Orbit Mall in Hyderabad. Akhil Akkineni is
doing pull-ups in this video, he says that this brand is his favorite brand, and
working out at the gym makes him feel comfortable and energetic. He also added
that it was a great pleasure to launch it. In this video, Akhil Akkineni is seen
wearing a headband and a sporty t-shirt. Coming to his career, it is known that
Akhil Akkineni is currently starring in the movie ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’. Akhil is
paired with Pooja Hegde in the movie which is directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar.
The film is ready for release.

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