aha to premiere Sarkaar, the first Telugu game show in the digital space themed around bidding, hosted by Pradeep Machiraju on October 28!!

100% Telugu streaming platform aha, a household name for Telugu entertainment, is turning a new leaf in the non-fiction segment in the digital space with a thrilling, one-of-a-kind game show Sarkaar (Mee Paate Naa Aata). Sarkaar, to be hosted by eminent television personality, actor Pradeep Machiraju, is the first Telugu game show in the digital space themed around bidding and promises to be nothing less than a twist-a-minute thriller for audiences.
With the biggest celebrities in the tinsel town testing their fortunes in Sarkaar, the show is high on style, energy, thrills, fun and excitement. The much-awaited first episode of Sarkaar, to premiere on October 28, 8 pm on aha, is gearing up to provide a never-seen-before adrenaline rush to audiences. The episode brings together leading names in Telugu cinema, including actors (and director) Tharun Bhascker, Vishwak Sen, Ananya Nagalla and Abhinav Gomatam.
Each episode in Sarkaar comprises four levels, with participants having to answer three questions at every level. Every participant is required to bid in an auction to answer a question, with the highest bidder earning the eligibility to answer. The participant coming up with the right answer will have his/her amount doubled, tripled and quadrupled in the second, third and fourth levels respectively.
At every level, the participant with the least amount will be eliminated, while their amount will be transferred to another participant of their choice. Of the two participants who reach the final level, the one giving the right answers to the three questions in lesser time will be declared the winner. The questions in the show revolve around general knowledge, politics, current affairs, politics, sports, mythology and mathematics. Before asking every question, the host will share the topic of the same as well.

Sarkaar, with its compelling format, is set to be a new, exciting chapter in the streaming universe and have audiences experience a wide range of emotions as they watch it. With Pradeep Machiraju at his energetic best and providing newer twists to the show every minute, there's nothing more one could have asked for.
Gearing up for the festive season, aha also has an exciting lineup of new titles with original web series like Nandamuri Balakrishna’s talk show Unstoppable, Arka Media’s Anya's Tutorial, Maruthi’s 3 Roses, original films like Bhamakalapam (ft Priyamani), Senapathi (ft Rajendra Prasad) and many much-awaited theatricals. The platform is also home to some of the biggest Telugu releases of 2021 like Love Story, Krack, Zombie reddy, Naandhi, Chaavu Kaburu Challaga and critically acclaimed originals like Kudi Yedamaithe, 11th Hour, Tharagathi Gadhi Daati and The Baker and the Beauty etc.

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