After Sai Pallavi, now it’s Avika Gor turn

In 2019, Fidaa and Middle Class Abbayi fame Sai Pallavi had confirmed that she rejected a Rs 2 crore advertisement deal with a fairness cream brand.   Premam girl had said, “This is Indian color.

We can not go to foreigners and ask them why they are  white, and if they know that they will get cancer because of it. That’s their skin color and this is the ours skin color. Africans have their own color too and they are beautiful.”  Now after Sai Pallavi, another actress Avika Gor  has rejected to endorse fairness products. According to her, it was a conscious decision to not ‘degrade’ anyone as she does not believe that being fair makes one ‘confident and beautiful’.

During the media interaction, Balika Vadhu actress said,  “Unfortunately we have been fed the wrong notion when it comes to the idea of an ideal beauty standard. Over the years we have seen so many ads where being fair is considered to be beautiful. Being fair can not be equivalent to overall personality. Another reason why I refused to endorse fairness products is that I know that this kind of unrealistic approach towards concept of beauty can have a lasting impression on the minds.”

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