Adivi Sesh's Major Misses scheduled released!!

When the film industry was getting back to track with a good number of movies attained success at the box office, the 2nd wave of coronavirus bought everything to a screeching halt again. In such a scenario, filmmakers who had optimistically announced the release dates for their film, are left with no choice but to postpone their plans.

Likely, Adivi Sesh's Pan Indian film Major too isn't arriving on the scheduled release date of July 2nd. " We are living in unprecedented times and we hope you are following all the safety protocols and staying safe. We would like to announce that major, which was originally scheduled for a worldwide theatrical release on 2nd July, is now postponed to a later date," announced team major, adding the new release date will be declared once things get back to normal.

Shot Simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi and later dubbed into Malayalam, Major is based on the life of 2008 Mumbai attacks martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Sashi Kiran Tikka has directed the film.

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