27th June, 2021, Hyderabad: Late last year, the fashion brand - Saaki, co-owned by Actress Samantha Akkineni saw a tremendous launch in September. The entrepreneur duo Samantha Akkineni and Sushruthi Krishna have marked another important milestone for the brand.

Saaki's parent company, Merch Lifestyle, is keen on taking this Celebrity brand into new global markets. The brand has started shipping to the USA, Malaysia, and Singapore in March and has since expanded into many more international markets across the globe recently with Canada, UAE, and Australia. The brand is furthermore spreading its wings to the eastern European countries, Qatar and New Zealand starting 26th June.

Actress Samantha Akkineni shared her thoughts about going global, she said, “Since we launched Saaki international shipping to USA, Singapore and more countries in March, we received an overwhelming amount of requests from our Indian fans in other countries to open shipping to them. We have seen a phenomenal response from customers overseas. Keeping this in mind, we are excited about this milestone of reaching a total of 15 countries worldwide. I am very thrilled about our global customers experiencing Saaki’s products for the first time.”

Discussing the international expansion, Sushruthi Krishna, the Founder and CEO mentions,  "We are proud that our homegrown Indian brand Saaki is reaching an international audience.” She further adds, “After our India launch, we launched Saaki in the US, Australia, and few other countries earlier this year. The incredible success encouraged us to make Saaki available in more countries and now we are targetting 15 countries totally. We have seen a lot of people with Indian Origin becoming icons and this has encouraged people around the world to wear Indian-inspired fashion in their daily lives.”

Saaki is now aiming to be a global brand with an Indian heart. The brand offers something for every modern woman including Crafted Sarees, Natural Indigo Kurtas, and modern Indian Dresses. The website offers both casual outfits for everyday wear as well as premium outfits for special occasions.

Saaki is now shipping worldwide to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, France, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland and Switzerland via our website

We have a lot of exciting plans for the upcoming year that we can’t wait to share. We are grateful for the response the brand has achieved and hope to continue to have the loving support of our audience.

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