Actress Hansika's next '105 Minutes' to be a Trendsetting film on Indian Screen.....

Actress Hansika's next film '105 Minutes' to be a first of its kind on
single character & single shot film with an intriguing screenplay.

However, a small glimpse of this innovative flick is launched by
Popular Cinematographer K. K. Senthil Kumar ISC today & he praised the
team for their interesting attempt.

Raju Dussa is directing it in Bommak Shiva's production under Rudransh
Celluloid Banner & Sam C. S is scoring music.

As of now, movie team has wrapped up the shoot and pacing up the post
production works.

Producer - Bommak Shiva
Director - Raju Dussa
DOP - Kishore Boyidapu
Music - Sam. C. S
Art - Brahma Kadali
Executive Producer - Rupakiran Ganji
Stills - Gunakar
Makeup - Dekka Balu
Production Executive - Suresh Babu
PRO - GSK Media
Publicity Designer - Sudheer.

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