Actress Hamsa Nandini Shares Her Breast Cancer Journey on Woman's Day!!

In a heart-wrenching yet inspiring account, actress Hamsa Nandini shared her battle with breast cancer on Woman's Day. The actress revealed that she was diagnosed with grade 3 carcinoma in July 2020, just as she resumed shooting for her film post-lockdown. Her mother had also battled breast cancer 18 years ago and unfortunately lost the fight.

Hamsa shared that the ghosts of her past, fear, confusion, and anxiety all visited her again upon diagnosis. After a series of scans and tests, she bravely underwent surgery, which removed the tumour. She also braved 16 cycles of chemotherapy which were needed even though there was no spread of cancer. At this point, it was assumed that the worst was over. However, the relief was short-lived as she tested positive for BRCA1 (Hereditary Breast Cancer), which meant she had a genetic mutation that almost guaranteed a 70% chance of another Breast Cancer throughout her life. The only way to mitigate the risk was through some very invasive prophylactic surgeries, which she underwent last year.

Despite the harsh treatments and a challenging prognosis, Hamsa made a few promises to herself, including not letting the disease define her life, fighting it with a smile, getting back on screen stronger, and telling her story to educate and inspire others.

It's been a year and a half since her diagnosis, and Hamsa has stuck to her promises. She attributes her healthy and fully alive state to three factors: early diagnosis, a supportive network of competent doctors and her family, and a positive mindset.

In November last year, Hamsa was back on the set to shoot for a film. She has multiple projects lined up and looking forward to being back on the big screen soon. When asked about her experience on the sets post-treatment, she said,” I have always felt the most alive in front of the camera… being back on the sets has proven to be more therapeutic than I could have imagined. I already feel stronger and more energized than I have ever felt before.” Hamsa's valiant fight against this dreaded disease has earned her the nicknames 'Warrior' & 'Fighter' amongst her fans and on the set.
Hamsa has also decided to dedicate herself to educating others about early diagnosis through self-checkups, regular mammography, and genetic testing. She aims to make information about all aspects of breast cancer management and treatment easily accessible to people across India. When asked about this, she said,” I am thankful for the universe that I am alive and am here.  During my chemotherapy, I made a promise to myself that I would live every moment like it was my last and that I would leave this world in a better shape than I found it. In keeping with it, I am happy to say that I am establishing the 'Yamini Cancer Foundation', which is named after my late mother, who was also a victim of breast cancer.”
Hamsa's valiant fight against this dreaded disease has earned her the nicknames 'Warrior' & 'Fighter' amongst her fans and colleagues.

On this Woman's Day, Hamsa's story serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care, early detection, and support. Her strength and determination inspire us all to fight against all odds and to live our lives to the fullest.

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