Victory Venkatesh

Reigning as one of the top superstars in the Telugu film industry, Tollywood star “Victory” Venkatesh is someone who is known for his bright smile and is very humble. Despite of being the son of  star producer, Dr. Rama Naidu garu, Venky doesn't show signs of arrogance and has established himself as a star, all because of his tremendous talent and hardwork. Venkatesh is also the main reason why our Telugu industry saw a multi-starrer movie after 20 years. No one can  forget his incredible performance in emotional scenes.  He has been mesmerizing us with his immense talent for the last 34 years and  is still as active as the young Venkatesh we saw in his first film.

Indian actor Venkatesh Daggubati, popularly known as Venky, was born on 13 December 1960, in Andhra Pradesh’s Karamchedu. He is the son of Late Rama Naidu. Venkatesh attended Don Bosco School in Egmore, Madras. In a candid interview, Venkatesh said that he was very naughty in school. He pursued B. Com from Loyola College in Madras. He later completed  MBA from the Montessori Institute of International Studies in the United States.

Venkatesh has worked predominantly in the Telugu Film industry, in over 72 films as the lead in his career spanning over 30 years. The actor started his film career as the lead with the movie Kaliyuga Pandavulu which released in 1986. However, he first made his presence in movies with the film 1971 Prema Nagar, as a child actor. Rama Naidu and legendary director Raghavendra Rao were planning to do a film with superstar Krishna but the superstar had to say no to the film because he could not accommodate his dates. Rama Naidu, who did not want to lose out on the chance of working with Raghavendra Rao garu proposed Venkatesh’s name for the film. The film was the 1986 movie Kaliyuga Pandavulu. With the release of this film, Venkatesh's name became popular in Andhra Pradesh and his huge success also earned him a lot of recognition. Venkatesh also won the State Nandi Award for his performance in the film.

After the huge success of his debut film, Venkatesh faced failure with  'Brahmarudrulu', 'Ajayudu' and 'Bharathanlo Arjunudu'. He took a break from films and then came back to the movies in 1987 with 'Srinivasa Kalyanam'. K. Murari made the film under Yuva Chitra Arts banner. Directed by Kodi Ramakrishna, and with music by KV Mahadeva, the film starred Venkatesh, Bhanupriya, Gautami and Mohan Babu. The film became a super hit at the box office. Venkatesh had another super hit with 'Brahma Putrudu' which came out in 1988. The film was directed by Dasari Narayana Rao and produced by Rama Naidu under the banner of Suresh Productions. The film starred Venkatesh and Rajani in the lead roles with music provided by Chakravarti. It was a remake of the Tamil film 'Michael Raj'. Venkatesh won the Filmfare Telugu Best Actor Award. With this film, Venkatesh got a great career boost.

He was just two years old in the industry, but he was already being counted as a superstar. The success of the film also landed him with the offer to work in Swarnakamalam, directed by top director Kalathapasvi Vishwanath. Venkatesh received many accolades for his performance in the movie. The story is about a young painter who discovers the dance skills of the daughter of an elderly Brahmin in his neighborhood and encourages her to reach higher peaks. Composed by Ilayaraja, the music of the film was well-received by the listeners. The songs from the film like 'Aakasham lo aashala harivillu ...' are still very popular. Ilayaraja's music entertained and impressed the Telugu audience and it got additional boost with SP Balu, Sushila and Janaki's beautiful voices. The songs were written by Sirivennela. The film was made under the banner of Sun Art Creation and was produced by C.H.V Apparao. The film won three Nandi Awards and Venkatesh won a Jury Award, while Bhanupriya won the Best Actress award.

Venkatesh was lucky to have got some good roles right from the beginning of his career, one of which was in the movie 'Prema'. The 1989 film starred Revathi opposite Venkatesh. Directed by Suresh Krishna, the film was a great success. The songs in this movie are classic. Ilayaraja's music is a big highlight of the film. The song "Priyatama Na Hridayama" is still heard by many.

The film Bobbili Raja , inspired by the foreign film 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' and directed by B. Gopal, was a huge success for Venkatesh. ‘Bobbili Raja’ set a record as the only film to be played in a single theater for over a year without an agreement. The film was dubbed as 'Volleyball' in Tamil and 'Rampur Ka Raja' in Hindi. In 1993, it was remade in Hindi under the title 'Boyfriend'. Ilayaraja won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for this film. Bobbili Raja was also a great success musically. The film impressed audience from all walks of life.

In the subsequent film 'Shatruvu', Venkatesh played the role of a passionate young lawyer who takes law into his own hands because he is unable to  stop corruption in the courts. Venkatesh and Vijayashanti played the lead roles. Produced by MS Raju under the banner of Sumant Arts, the film’s music was directed by Raj-Koti. The film was also a huge success.

After that he acted in the hit film 'Kshana kshanam' directed by Ram Gopal Varma who created a sensation with his film 'Shiva'. This was a memorable film in Venkatesh Garu's career. He has since acted in several films.

P. Vasu worked as the writer and director of the Tamil blockbuster film 'Chinna Thambi'. Prabhu, and Khushbu played the lead roles in the film. The Telugu remake titled 'Chanti' is considered to be a turning point in Venkatesh's cinematic journey. Venkatesh, who had played most of the roles of a passionate young man till then, cultivated the role of Chanti with great diligence. The film was a huge success at the box office as well. Venkatesh later played the lead role in the Hindi remake of the same film (Anari).

In 1992, the film Venky was seen in the film Sundara Kanda directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. MM Keeravani composed the music for the film. The most unique film in Victory Venkatesh's career is 'Abbayigaru'. Released on September 30, 1993, the film was a solid success in Tollywood. Produced by Narasimha Rao under the banner of Rashi Movies, the film was directed by EVV Satyanarayana. Highlight to this is that the dialogues of the film were written by EVV's teacher and the legendary Jandhyala garu. Meena, Jayachitra, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Nutan Prasad, Brahmanandam, Babu Mohan, Mallikarju Rao, Srikanth,  Narayana, Jeeva and others played other important roles. All the songs in this movie composed by Keeravani were super hits at that time. ‘Abbayigaru’ was a remake of Bhagyaraja’s Tamil film ‘Enga Chinnaraja’.

Since 1996, Venkatesh has been delivering back to back hits. In particular, the movie 'Intlo Illalu Vontintlo Priyuralu' was a huge success. The film is a remake of the Tamil movie 'Thaikulame Thaikulame' starring Pandirajan as the hero and directed by Murugesh. The story was provided by Bhagyaraja. These songs are also very catchy. Soundarya garu's acting and Venkatesh garu's comedy all went well and made this film a big success. The film 'Pavitra Bandham', which came out in the same year, was directed by Muthala Subbayya and was produced by C. Venkatraju under Geeta Chitra International. The film was a box office success. The film was remade in six languages.

In 1997, Venkatesh had another big success with the film 'Preminchukundam Ra'. The film went on to become a blockbuster in 1997. The film was directed by Jayant C. Paranji and produced under  Suresh Productions. The music provided by Mahesh for the film and the background score given by Manisharma gave life to the film. The film created a big record at the time.

His next film was Suryavamsham. Venkatesh played a double role in the film. The film earned immense success in the Telugu film industry. The film created a trend in the industry and brought Venkatesh closer to the family audience. Venkatesh, who played the role of a father on the one hand and a son on the other looked very convincing in the movie . Venkatesh also received critical acclaim for his performance in the film.

Venkatesh, Rambha and Madhubala starred in the 1998 film 'Ganesh' directed by Tirupati Swamy. The film was produced under the banner of Suresh Productions by Venkatesh's brother D. Suresh Babu. It's a story about a journalist who is honest in his profession and is in trouble because of the medical mafia. Venkatesh won the Nandi Award for this film. His next film 'Prema Ante Idera' was also a super hit. The movie starring Bollywood actress Preity Zinta was a magical hit. The songs from the film are still heard. The film was also remade in Kannada as 'O Premave'. Comedy scenes are a big highlight in this movie. Again, Venkatesh got another big blockbuster with 'Raja'. The film was a remake based on the Tamil movie Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen. The film won 4 Filmfare Awards. Thus, Venkatesh created a record by making 6 superhit movies in a row.

Venkatesh's next film 'Kalisundam Ra' put him in the victory line again. Directed by Uday Shankar, Victory Venkatesh romanced Simran in the film. The film, which entertained the Telugu audience, was also remade in Hindi and Kannada. It received National Award for Best Regional Film. Venkatesh received the Nandi Award for Best Actor. His next film Jayam Mandera was received well. The film starred  Venkatesh in a double role with Bhanupriya and Soundarya as the leading ladies. Vandemataram Srinivas composed the music for the film 'Jayam Mandera'. The film strengthened Venkatesh's name as a family hero. Venkatesh left a lasting impression on the hearts of so many Telugu family audience. His next film 'Sankranthi' was also a huge hit. Everyone was raving about Venkatesh's performance in this film. The film was a Telugu remake of the Tamil movie 'Anandam'.

The following year, Venkatesh hit a blockbuster hit with Lakshmi, directed by VV Vinayak. In 2007, Venky was seen in the film 'Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule', under the direction of Selva Raghavan. Venky  tried several different types of roles in his career, but he added magic in love stories revolving around family emotions. This is also a reason why Tamil cult filmmaker Selva Raghavan chose to work with Venky.

His film Seetamma Vaitlo Sirimalle Chettu proved to be a huge success. He worked with Pawan Kalyan in Gopala Gopala in 2015. It was a smash hit at the box office.

Venkatesh Daggubati is the son of the popular late filmmaker and politician Rama Naidu and Rajeshwari. His late father Rama Naidu was a filmmaker and a politician and also holds a Guinness World Record for highest number of films produced by an individual.

Venkatesh had an arranged marriage to Neeraja Daggubati on 13 December 1985. The couple have four children.

Venkatesh won seven Nandi awards.  Nandi State awards for Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule (Best Actor 2009); Kalisundam Raa (Best Actor 2000); Ganesh (Best Actor 1999); Dharma Chakram (Best Actor 1995); Swarnakamalam (Special Jury Award 1988); Prema (Best Actor 1988) and Kaliyuga Pandavulu (Special Jury Award 1986).

He won Filmfare South for the best actor for the films Prema (1989); Bobbili Raja (1991); Dharma Chakram (1997); Ganesh (1999); Jayam Manade Raa (2001); Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule (2007) and Guru (2017).

The actor won Santoshham Awards for Sankranthi and Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule. He was nominated for SIIMA Awards for the film Drushyam.

He loves his daughters very much and considers them as his lucky charms. His favourite actors are Marlon Brando and Robert Redford. His favourite actresses are Sridevi, Soundarya and Revathi. Venkatesh received the highest number of Nandi State Award in the Best Actor category.

Victory Venkatesh is also credited to be a star hero who can produce all 9 different emotions with ease. He turned a singer for his film Guru. He has crooned the song “Jingidi” in the film. He gained the title “Victory” following the success of his films in the 1990s. He is very spiritual and is a follower of Ramana Maharshi.

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