Thalapathy Vijay

A true leader is someone who helps others grow and has the ability to make millions of people walk by his side. We can find such leaders in our Telugu heroes. At the same time, there is one such unstoppable leader/ hero in Tamil Nadu. Tamils call him "Thalapathy". You must have already understood who we are talking about... it's none other than the Tamil superstar Vijay alias Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar. Though he had a very humble beginning at the start, he slowly became Ilayadalapathi (leader of the youth) and from there he became a Thalapathi and evoked the Tamil audience.

Entering the industry and growing as a star is not really difficult if you have a solid background. But entering in the industry and thriving as a star is something that is very difficult and it's true too. At the same time, having a good background comes with a lot of pressure and overcoming that pressure, and succeeding is like wielding a sword. There is no rule of thumb to be successful as long as there is a lot of hard work. There are a lot of people who fail despite their background.

Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar also entered the industry with a background. However, he did not find success so easily. Talking one step at a time and falling several times but standing up again is how Vijay achieved success and today he has become the No. 1 hero not only in Tamil but also in South India. He gained super fame in India. How did the original Vijay reign begin? How did he spend his childhood. What are the difficulties encountered in it? Let's find out now.

Vijay was born on 22 June 1974 in Chennai where he is currently reigning. Vijay's father SA Chandrasekhar is a well-known director and writer in Kollywood. His mother Shobha is a famous singer, Carnatic vocalist and author. Vijay has been very active like all children since childhood. He was extremely naughty and was very difficult to handle him. While this was it, Vijay's younger sister Vidhya died at the age of two. Her death was a shock to the family and Vijay's life suddenly came to a standstill after the incident. At that age, Vijay could not digest the fact that his younger sister, who had played till then, was no more. With this, Vijay became very calm. It was as if he forgot being naughty and turned silent. Vijay still misses his sister a lot.

As far as his education is concerned, Vijay received his primary education at Fatima Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Kodambakkam. He completed his secondary education at Balalok Matriculation Higher Secondary School. He then joined Visual Communications at Loyola College for a degree. However, in the middle of his studies, Vijay came back to pursue his interest to act in movies.

Vijay's father Chandrasekhar is a prominent director in Kollywood. Chandrasekhar was the one who drew Vijay towards films from an early age. Vijay made his cine debut at the age of ten. Vijay first appeared on screen in the film "Vetri" in which Vijay Kant starred as the hero. In the same year, Vijay made his second appearance as a child actor in the film Kudumbam, which starred Vijay Kant as the hero. Vijay appeared in the role of the young Rajinikanth in 1985 in Nan Sigappu Maniddan. In 1986, at the age of twelve, Vijay appeared again as a child actor in the movie Vasantharagam starring Vijay Kant as the hero. Vijay also acted in Sattam Oru Vilayattu in 1987 and Ithu Engal Nithi in 1988. He was 14 years old when he made this film. Chandrasekhar is the director of all these films.

Vijay's father Chandrasekhar continued to have a successful career in Kollywood. He has made many super hits in his career. Chandrasekhar mostly made films with hero Vijay Kant. Chandrasekhar worked in over 70 films throughout his career. He also makes films in Telugu. Chandrasekhar has directed many films with megastar Chiranjeevi as the hero. With the megastar as the hero, Chandrashekar made films like "Chattaniki Kallu Levu" and "Palleturi Monagadu". He also made films such as Balidanam, Dopidi Dongalu, and Devantakudu. Chandrasekhar has also directed several films with Vijay.

Chandrasekhar has made films not only in Tamil and Telugu but also in Kannada and Malayalam. Chandrasekhar, who has made 19 films with Vijay Kant, has shot 9 films with his son Vijay.

Vijay, who has experience as a child actor, made his film debut at the age of 18 with the film Naalaiya Theerpu. His mother Shobha is credited with providing the story for his first film. His father Chandrasekhar wrote the screenplay and directed the film. The film is directed by VV Creations. VV in VV Creations means Vijay and Vidhya, the two children of Chandrasekhar and Shobha. Vijay's first film is said to be a good film for critics but it failed to become a commercial success.

Vijay's second film was under the direction of his father. Vijay starred in the 1993 film Sendurapandi. The film stars Vijay Kant in a cameo role. Yuvarani played the heroine opposite Vijay. Vijay's mother Shobha is also credited for the story of the film. However, despite having a star hero like Vijay Kant along with Vijay as the hero, the film did not play well. With his first two films turning out to be flops, Vijay and his father were extra cautious with the third film.

Vijay's parents worked on the third film as well. Shobha once again provided the story and Chandrasekhar directed the film "Rasigan". Sanghavi played the heroine opposite Vijay in this movie. The film did not receive much positive response from critics but was a super duper hit at the box office. The film played for 175 days in theaters. It was through this film that Vijay got the title Ilayadalapathi. With the third film, Vijay was able to find success and got closer to mass audiences.

Vijay, who made only three films in the first three years of his career as a hero, made four films in 1995, his fourth year. As the third film was a super hit, the Vijay-Chandrasekhar-Shobha combination was repeated for the fourth film. Deva, released in 1995, was also a mass hit. Ajith also starred with Vijay in "Rajavin Parvailai" which was released the same year. It is the only film in which Vijay and Ajith, who are currently top heroes in Kollywood, have acted together. Janaki Soundar directed the film. For the first time, Vijay worked with someone other than his father.

Vijay took a small break from films in the middle but again starred in the movie Vishnu directed by his father SA Chandrasekhar with a story given by his mother Shobha. Later that year, Vijay starred in the romantic tragedy Chandralekha, directed by Nambirajan. In this movie, both the hero and the heroine die. The film was released during the same time as Rajinikanth's Muthu, and it turned out to be an average film.

Next,  Vijay starred in the "Coimbatore Mapillai" directed by Ranganathan. The film, which released for Sankranthi, was also a great success. Vijay became a star hero with this movie. The title Ilayadalapathi came to fruition. With this film, Vijay was able to gain a better market in the industry.

That same year, Vijay had four more releases -  Puvve Unakkaga, Vasantha Vasaal, Mambumigu Manavan and Selva. The film Aavi Puvve Unakkaga was successful in bringing out the actor in Vijay once again. Vijay has taken another step as an actor with this film. Vikram directed the film and Sangeetha played the heroine opposite Vijay. The film was remade in Telugu as "Shubhakankshalu" with Jagapathi Babu as the hero. The film was a great success in Telugu as well. Puvve set records by playing 300 days in Tamil Nadu while he was there.

Vasantha Vasaal also received decent success. The film Selva, directed by Venkatesh, was a commercial success. In 1996 itself, the film grossed over Rs 20 crore and made Vijay's capability known. In '96, Vijay became a star hero.

Vijay's career graph climbed new heights in 1997. This year, Vijay acted in films like Kalamellam Kathiruppen, Love Today, Once More, Nerukku Ner, and Kadalukku Mariyadai. Though Nerukku Ner did not reach the expected success, the film saw two good actors Vijay and Surya coming together.  What makes it special is that the film marked the debut of Surya. Kadalukku Mariyadai was a commercial success. Fazil directed the film. At first, Abbas was supposed to be in the movie but then Abbas was too busy to adjust the dates and Vijay got the chance. Vijay bagged the Tamil Nadu State Award for his performance in the film.

This year, Vijay acted in the film Once More directed by his father SA Chandrasekhar. Vijay got the opportunity to share the screen with Gemini Ganesan in this movie. The movie was remade in Telugu under the name Daddy Daddy. The film played average. The same year, he was also seen in the film Love Today which became the best hit in the romantic drama genre. Balasekharan directed the film. The film ran for over 150 days in most centers and was a great success. The film was remade in Telugu under the title Suswagatham. Power star Pawan Kalyan played the hero in this movie. There is no telling how big a hit this film is in Telugu.

In 1998, we saw the release of three films starring Vijay. They are Ninaithen Vandal, Priyamudan, Nilave Vaa. Of these, Priyamudan had good success. The film has been remade in Telugu with the title Manasu. The film did not do well in Telugu. Raghavendra Rao's super hit Telugu movie Pelli Sandadi was remade under the name Ninaithen Vandal and became a super-duper hit in Tamil as well.

The first film to be mentioned in 1999 was Thullada Manamum Thullum. Made by a new director named Ezhill, the film was a huge hit. The film became a super-duper hit. Vijay was once again awarded the Tamil Nadu State Award. Vijay also received the MGR Honorary Award. Vijay entered the top league through this movie. This movie is a remake in Telugu called "Nuvvu Vastavani'' starring Nagarjuna as the hero. The songs provided by SA Rajkumar still entertain the listeners.

The same year, the film Misara Kanna came into the news. The film attracted more controversy than a box office performance. Video recording equipment was found while the film was being shown in a theater, it belonged to the K Balachander Company, Vijay's father Chandrasekhar entered the field after this. Balachander was accused of doing all this on purpose. However, Balachander resigned as FEFSI president and stated that Chandrasekhar was abusing him mentally. Members of the film industry came forward and unofficially banned Vijay. However, in this case, the hero Ajith spoke positively about Vijay. After that, a compromise was reached between the two parties and Balachander agreed to withdraw his resignation.

Kannukkul Nilavu, the first Tamil film to be released in the millennium, got off to a good start. The film was directed by Fazil and became a super hit with a different love story.

The year 2000 was a good year for Vijay. Khushi, directed by SJ Surya and starring Jyotika as the heroine, was a huge success. Pawan Kalyan did the Telugu version of the film. Khushi became one of the biggest hits of Pawan's career. In Tamil, the audience fell in love with the chemistry between Vijay and Jyothika.

Pavitra Bandham, a 1996 Telugu film starring Venkatesh and Soundarya, was remade in Tamil in 2000 with Vijay and Simran in the lead roles. The film was a super success in Tamil. The year 2000 was a good year for Vijay in this way. With three super hits, Vijay became the undisputed hero by owning a hattrick. The young man looked very promising among the heroes.

Vijay co-starred with Surya again in the 2001 film Friends. The film was an average success. Later that year, Badri brought Vijay closer to the mass audience, especially among the youth. It is a remake of the Telugu super duper hit movie Tammudu starring Pawan Kalyan. Directed in Telugu, Arun Prasad also screened in Tamil. The 2001 film "Shah Jahan", despite its tragic ending, impressed the audience.

In 2002, Vijay's Thamizhan turned out to be an average hit. However, what makes the film is that Priyanka Chopra, a top actress in Bollywood, who is also making films in Hollywood, was introduced as the heroine with this film. Vijay's father SA Chandrasekhar provided the screenplay for the film. Next, Vijay worked in the film titled "Youth", which was a remake of a super hit Telugu film "Chirunavvuto". Vijay had already established himself as the best fit for romantic movies, this image also led to the success of such films. The film was also another success on Vijay's account.

Thus, Vijay continued to have a success streak in his career. Vijay, who has done a lot of remakes in his career, is fortunate to receive more successes with them. Nuvvu Naku Nachav, a classic hit in Telugu, was remade in Tamil under the name Vasigara and was a blockbuster success in Tamil as well. Vijay regained his mass image with the 2003 film Thirumalai.

Ghilli, which came in 2004, completely changed Vijay's career. Ghilli is a remake of the Telugu movie "Okeokkadu'' starring superstar Mahesh Babu. The film starred Trisha opposite Vijay, and it was directed by Dharani. The film broke not only Vijay's records but all the Kollywood records till then. It turned out to be an industry hit. The film has crossed the 50 crore share mark. Ghilli cemented Vijay's place in the mass audience. The film Madhurai, which released in the same year, was another hit in Vijay's career.

The film "Thiruppachchi'', which released in 2005, gave Vijay another mass hit. Early in his career, Vijay was known for his love and romantic films, but later, he switched completely to mass roles. The film was remade in Telugu under the name "Annavaram'' with Pawan Kalyan as the hero. In the same year, Vijay did a cameo in the film "Shukran, which had Ravi Krishna as the lead, and was directed by his father Chandrasekhar. The film also shows a photograph of Vijay's younger sister Vidya's photo. Following this, Vijay starred in the 2005 film Sachei. Bipasha Basu made her entry into Kollywood through this film. The film was a super hit at the box office. Vijay ended the year on a high with the victory of Sivakasi which came in the same year.

In 2006, Vijay remade the Telugu super hit film "Athanokkade". SA Chandrasekhar directed the film. However, the original version was a great success and the remake version was average. In 2007, Vijay had another blockbuster success in his career. Vijay, who received an industry hit with Ghilli, has once again remade Mahesh's film. He remade the Telugu industry hit Pokiri under the same name. Pokiri was successful and it performed for almost 200 days and became the highest grosser.

Vijay's first dual role, as a hero and a villain, was for the film Ajagiya Tamil Magan. However, the film received an average result at the box office. In 2008, Kuruvi, directed by Dharani and starring Vijay, was a huge success as an action drama.

Between 2009 and 2011, Vijay acted in Villu, Vettaikkaran, Sura, Kavalan and Velayudham. In 2012, Vijay worked under Shankar's direction for the first time. Shankar remade the super hit Hindi film "3 Idiots" in Tamil. It was titled "Nanban" in Tamil. The film set new records in Tamil. The same year Vijay starred in Murugadoss directed film in "Tupaki". The film was a huge success in Kollywood. The film was dubbed into Telugu. Tupaki was the first Telugu film to open the market for Vijay. After this, makers started releasing all of Vijay's films in Telugu regularly.

Thaliva, directed by AL Vijay, got mired in political uncertainty. It was reported at the time that the Tamil Nadu government had deliberately blocked the release of the film. The film was dubbed into Telugu and received an average result. Due to the delay in its release in Tamil, it had an impact on the box office performance. However, the film broke many records.

Along with the market for Vijay movies, the budget has also been increasing. That is why Vijay, who makes three or four films a year, started making only one film a year after Tupaki. Vijay worked with Malayalam superstar Mohanlal after the movie in his next. The film "Jilla" was directed by Neeson. The film came in a very different light and became a super-duper hit in Tamil Nadu. The Telugu dubbing of the film was not released immediately. This was because Chiranjeevi wanted to remake the film along with his son Ram Charan. However, it didn't workout for some reason and the remake of the film later went to Nandamuri Balakrishna and NTR. They were not interested in it. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram tried to remake it with Balayya, but failed. Eventually, the director Veeru Potla started work on Jilla with Ravi Teja and Venkatesh but the project got stalled. The reason for it is still unknown. Eventually, Jilla was dubbed into Telugu under the same name.

Vijay, who had good success with Tupaki, joined hands with Murugadoss again for the film "Kaththi". The film was a blockbuster hit with a heart-felt emotional drama set against the backdrop of farmers' problems and drinking water shortages. The film has grossed around Rs 130 crore. Megastar Chiranjeevi remade this film as his 150th film Khaidi No. 150 for his re-entry and it became a super hit in Telugu as well.

In 2015, Chimbudevan's heavily budgeted film "Puli" flopped badly. Huge losses were incurred by this film. The film is a speed breaker for Vijay, who has been on a good swing with successive successes. However, the following year, Vijay gave a grand comeback with a resounding victory.

The film Theri, starring Vijay in two different shades, was a huge success. Attlee was introduced as a director through this film. No one can forget Vijay's performance as a powerful police officer in the film. The film is dubbed into Telugu under the title Police and it received decent success. The following year, Vijay's film Bhairava received average ratings but performed decently at the box office.

That same year, Vijay and Atlee combination repeated again for the movie Mersal. Vijay played a triple role in the film. The film was released in Telugu under the title Adirindi and became a super hit. Vijay's performance in the movie Mersal got good marks. After Mersal, Vijay has acted in the film Sarkar, his third film under the direction of Murugadoss. The film managed to entertain as well as inform. Although the film was a super hit in Tamil, it was an average success in Telugu.

Vijay's  2019 film Bigil was based on football. The film was released in Telugu as Whistle. Vijay teamed up with Atlee for the third time with the film. Vijay received rave reviews from fans for his emotional performance as a father and as a son. The film earned the biggest record collection in the history of Kollywood. Vijay's film Master, which was supposed to release in 2020, released during 2021 Sankranthidue to Covid. The movie ran in theaters with 50 percent occupancy but has earned excellent collections. In Telugu, the film has grossed over 10 crore shares. Vijay's market is now solid in Telugu. Vijay has acted in 64 films so far.


* Vijay won the Kalaimamani State Award in 1998. This is the highest honor in the field of arts in Tamil Nadu.

* The MGR Educational and Research Institute awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2007.

* His film Mersal was nominated for a National Film Awards UK in 2018.

* His film Kadalukku Mariyadai won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award.

* Vijay received the prestigious MGR Award in the year 2000.

* Vijay has won awards for films like Pokkiri, Vettaikaran, Mersal, Katti, Zilla, and Thaliva.

* Theri received the SIIMA Award for Best Entertainer for the film.

* He won Filmfare South Awards for Theri, Mersal and Sarkar.

Personal life

Vijay fell in love with his fan Sangeetha Sornalingam and got married to her. Vijay fell in love after seeing her in the UK. She is from Sri Lanka. Vijay and Sangeetha were married on 25 August 1999. They have two children. Son Jason Sanjay was born in London in 2000 and daughter Divya Sasha was born in 2005 in Chennai. Jason first appeared as a child actor in the 2009 film Vettaikaran. Divya appeared in the film Theri in the role of Vijay's daughter. Currently, Jason Sanjay is excited to get into movies.

Welfare programs

In 2007, on June 22 i.e., on his birthday, Vijay presented gold rings to children born at Egmore Government General Hospital on that day. In 2008, Vijay showed his support to Surya's Agaram Foundation by acting in the short film Hirova, Zerova. Jyothika and Madhavan also acted in this short film along with Surya and Vijay. Vijay participated in several hunger strikes in support of Sri Lankan Tamils ​​during the Sri Lankan Civil War in 2008.

Vijay founded an organization called Makkal Iyakkam and takes part in various social activities. Through this organization, Vijay has provided assistance to those affected by the recent cyclone. In 2017, Vijay voiced his support for Jallikattu. That same year, Vijay launched the website of Makkal Iyakkam to bring his fans together. Vijay felt that social activities could be done more effectively through this. Vijay stands by the victims of Thoothukudi who fought against the Sterlite Copper Plant. Apart from these, Vijay has repeatedly provided financial assistance during national disasters. That is why Vijay has millions of fans not only in Tamil Nadu but all over the world.

Will you still say that Vijay, who reached that level after superstar Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu, achieved all this just because of the background? No, it's all because of his hard work. Vijay fell and got up many times. He did face resistance towards the release of some of his films because the concepts in his films were mostly critical of the government. However, Vijay is not just a name now. It's a brand. Let’s hope that Vijay reaches more heights in his career.

18-year-old Vijay stopped his education and went back to his father saying that he wanted to act in films. This pushed his father Chandrasekhar in a dilemma and he wanted to test his skills. Despite Vijay being his son, Chandrashekar made him do auditions. He asked his son to enact some scenes. Vijay, who is a big fan of superstar Rajinikanth, saw most of his movies. Vijay, who had already seen the movie Annamalai many times, reprised a pivotal scene in the movie, in front of his father. Vijay reprised the scene where Rajinikanth challenges Sarath Babu. Chandrasekhar was fixated when Vijay performed just like Rajinikanth and delivered the dialogue with the same impact. With that, he was convinced that Vijay should come into movies. Chandrasekhar later reacted to the outcome of the film by saying that Vijay should not have chosen it as his first film at the age of 18. The concept of this film is correct. However, Chandrasekhar responded that the timing was not correct.

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