M.S Narayana

M.S Narayana is a comedian and writer who has made his mark in Telugu cinema. M.S, who made the audience laugh in his style, quit his teaching job and entered the film industry. It is a well-known fact that there is no one better than him in playing the role of a drunkard in Telugu movies.

M.S Narayana was born on April 16, 1951, in a village called Nidamarru in the West Godavari district to a Bapiraju (farmer) and Venkata Subbamma from Mylavara. His real name is Mylavarapu Surya Narayana. His family was a middle-class family. MS Narayana Garu has six brothers and three sisters. Having more members in the family, their family was financially distressed. So the family had to go to the farm for work. However, MS Narayana persistently went to school against his father's will. His father made a condition because of the efforts made by YS Narayana to study. That is to say, he should come to work on the farm instead of going to school when there is a lot of farm work. MS also agreed to this. However, a teacher saw the potential in MS and promoted him to 6th grade after 4th grade but someone told MS's father about this and conveyed the information wrongly like "your son was dropped from 4th grade to 6th grade without a foundation in education". With that, MS's father came to the school and fought with the teacher it is that he was about to hit the teacher and he made MS Narayana continue back in the 5th class.

He completed a five-year language proficiency course at College in Pattepuram, which was four miles away, after completing tenth grade. Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, a film writer, was a lecturer at Murtiraju College in Pitapuram. He did his apprenticeship. It was then that he became accustomed to reading many detective novels and many books. It laid the foundation for him to settle down as a writer. Paruchuri Gopala Krishna used to write short stories for magazines while working as a lecturer. He had not yet entered the film industry but his elder brother Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao also worked in films. Upon learning of the matter on behalf of the government MS Garu got a job in College as a Telugu lecturer his salary was 10 thousand rupees new job, he quit the job and joined as a professor at K.G.R college in West Godavari District. MS Narayana used to spend his free time acting in plays. He performed legendary plays like Balanagamma and Bhatti Vikramarka with his friends. He chooses his characters for social dramas and plays as a director and impressed everyone. During his tenure as a Telugu lecturer at Bhimavaram KGR College, a natural disaster occurred so he along with his fellow artists staged plays in various places and collected donations.

MS Narayana said this about his childhood in an interview. When I was 16, I wrote a play called '  veedhi lo dorallu'. Apart from writing, I also acted in front of a cattleman group. I taught them too. Because at that time I was also a cattleman. After that, I also performed it on stage. At that time I saw the make-up on my face and went home only after dark because of fear that by seeing the makeup my dad would hit me. After my mother slept, I went home and secretly ate and slept. I used to keep the makeup on my face. However, by dawn, the make-up on my face used to stick to the blanket. With that, my dad used to hit me. But, I haven't thought that the Goddess of Art would have mercy on me like this ... that I would stand in front of you as a comedian, ”he said.

MS, who writes stories in the field of drama, had an idea why not write film stories. So he would write stories for himself and tell them to his friends. The stories received a good response from his friends. MS wanted to go to Chennai to give stories to movies which he wrote. His wife also agreed. With that, he would finish his job every Saturday, board the train to Chennai and make film attempts there on Sundays. He would board the train again on Sunday evening and go to work on Monday. All this has been going on since late 1974. Every Saturday he would go to Chennai with a bag and tell stories to the producers and directors there. Most of the time, they would rent a small room near the Chennai railway station if they could get more days off.

It was during this time that MS became addicted to alcohol. MS sat at the railway station, deciding to go home as there were no opportunities in the film industry for so many days. He sat in the railway station and thought that the hero in my stories has to go through a lot of trouble but what is the point of me getting chances in movies without any difficulty so then he tore up his reservation ticket and even resigned his job and fully embarked on film chances. Within four months, MS received a call from director Satya Reddy to develop his own story. The name of the movie is Vegu Chukka Pagati Chukka. The film was released on July 8, 1988. After that Paruchuri with the help of Gopalakrishna Gary gave the original story for the film Prayatnam. The film was a big hit. With the success of the film, Hello Guru, neku Naku Pelli ayindi, Poker Paparao has cemented his place in the film industry by providing excellent stories for films.

MS Garu then wrote the comedy track for his upcoming film M.dharmaraju M.A with director Raviraja Pinchetti. MS has since worked with Raviraja Pinchetti. MS Narayana also played a small role in M.Dharmaraju M.A. His role in this film was very small After that Raviraja Pinishetti made the films Parushuram and SP Parushuram.

While discussing the story of Pedarayudu, directed by Raviraja Pinchetti in 1995, MS asked Raviraja that he will play the role of a clerk in the film. But Raviraja said you look like a drunkard you won't be suitable for that role. One day at the time of shooting a scene where MS performed and showed how to perform in that scene to Mohan Babu then Mohan Babu got up and hugged MS for his amazing performance. Raviraja Pinchetti immediately gave the role of the clerk to MS, and said: "I could not know that there was such a good actor in you".

Although he played minor roles in the films Punyabhoomi Nadesam and Rukmini, his role as a drunken father in the 1997 film Nannaku Pelli, directed by EVV, brought him a lot of fame. The directors used to think that he would really get drunk and act, MS used to write his dialogues for the role given to him and utter it in movies. That movie became a super hit at that time. With that, he never looked back and from there MS got similar roles. But they were also impressed by the uniqueness of his performance. After that, he got good roles in films like Samarasimha Reddy Ramasakkanodu.

He also played a good role as a disciplined father in the 2000 film Sadukupodam Rundi. The film is based on ANR Garu's wedding vows in 1958. The film starring Jagapathibabu and Soundarya together was a great success. MS Gary's character in this film is named Singaraju Lingaraju.

Also, the comedy in the movie nuvu Naku Nachchao. Especially his dialogues like "em chestunav.....em chestunav ... Ani mati matiki adugodhu emaina cheseygalanu. and Amma ... Nee kallu evii?" These are the dialogues with make people laugh even today MS became part of the film's success as a husband who was addicted to poker.

MS put the responsibility of comedy on his shoulder in the second half of the 2002 film Aadi, starring Junior NTR. His comedy and dialogues like "Anta Assam" got no ordinary response. The film also created a sensation at the time. The film, which was produced for Rs 3.2 crore, grossed Rs 20 crore. After that in the movie sontham, MS, and Sunil Gari have cultivated a good comedy, especially in a scene among the soldiers the dialogue "jihad". Also, we still see MS' funny gestures asking him to take photos of him. From this film, after that director, Srinu Vaitla has made sure that there are comedy scenes in every film of his where MS used to act.

Every year in any films released it was observed that he used to be given good roles. MS also got a good role in Nagarjuna's 2003 film Sivamani. Directed by Puri Jagannath, the role of MS is the highlight of the film. The dialogue  "Sheikh Imam .. Sheikh Imam" he said got big laughs at the theaters. It's a great thing to have comedy in that range with a little dialogue.

Also, his films in the role of college principal, Dil and Bunny became super hits and brought him a good name. Venu Madhav has done a good comedy with LB Shriram Gari in the movie Bunny as the attendant MS as the principal who used to fear bunny was great fun to watch in these movies.  Especially The dialogue "Soda kotatam antey PG pass kavatam anta veegy kadu" became very famous.

We can see MS's best comedy in the movie Dubai Seenu directed by Srinu vaitla in 2007. MS Narayana's comedy as Fire Star Salman Raju is a big strength of this film. In the climax of the movie, MS comedy with the villain saved the movie from being a flop. In the first half of the film, the combination of Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam is a kind of comedy, but in the second half, MS and AVS made the audience laugh out loud. MS played a major role in the success of this film.

He also co-starred with actor Brahmanandam in Junior NTR Adhurs, which came out in 2010. MS gave a good performance in the role of torturing Brahmanandam by pretending to be a soul. The film was not only a super hit but also got a great response to the comedy in the film.

Special mention should be made of the movie dookudu of superstar Mahesh Babu which came in 2011. Along with superstar Mahesh Babu, Brahmanandam and MS Narayana are also credited with making the film gross $ 1 million for the first time overseas as well as huge collections in the Telugu States.  Especially The dialogue kalla kindha carry bagullu and Brahmanandam looking at MS Narayana Garu in the film then became immensely famous. Also in this movie, the spoofs made by MS from other Heroes movies entertained the audience very well.

Actress Hema Garu once referred to an incident in the life of MS Narayana during the shooting of this film and said, "MS Narayana Annayya once told me. while shooting the Kalla kindha Carrying a bag bag scene in 'dookudu'. With Brahmanandam Annayya, Narayana Annayya combination scene. At that time MS Narayana's wife had to undergo open-heart surgery at Apollo Hospital.  Only If he signs then the surgery will happen. but he was in  Ramoji  Film City. He was unable to go to the hospital, so he asked to bring the letter there and signed it. He did a comedy scene with a smile and immediately went into the bathroom and cried a lot. Hema said that he used to wash his eyes with water again and go and act. Even in such distress, MS has pulled off such comedy is a really great thing.

We can also see MS Garu in a new kind of role in his subsequent film Badshah. He did a good comedy as the director who came to Foreign for locations. Srinu Vaitla gave him a variety of roles and showed a new perspective in him, especially when the rest of the directors gave Emms Gari such drunken roles as usual. Will be remembered in everyone’s minds.  Even in the movie attarintiki daredi and especially the dialogue " ekada negallo kadura ekada tugallo telsinodu gopodu" . The film went on to become an industry hit, breaking records at the time.

After 2014, MS slowly reduced the number of movies. His film Racesu gurram became a super hit at the time. MS continued to to provide humor even in his last days as an aging hero in the subsequent Kalyan Ram Patas movie. His last film was Son of Satyamurthy in Allu Arjun Trivikram combination.even  The dubbing for his role in the film also had to be done by others.

MS Narayana fell in love with his fellow student Kalaprapurna during his college days. They were married and Paruchuri Gopalakrishna was the head of the marriage. The couple has two children, a son Vikram Narayana and a daughter Shashi Kiran Narayana.MS Narayana made a movie called Kodu with his son Vikram as the hero. He is also the director and producer of the film. Currently, his son Vikram is doing minor roles in movies.

MS  daughter Shashi Kiran directed the 2014 film Saheba Subrahmanyam. This movie did not play well. It is a privilege to get this directing opportunity without mentioning her father’s name where she is.

MS Narayana has done over 700 films in which he has acted like a drunkard in 200 films. Audiences get bored watching the same character make 10 movies for any actor. But it's a great thing to laugh every time we see MS in 200 movies, even in drunken roles. MS once thought in his film career that his drunken roles would have a bad effect on society, but MS stopped thinking that it was not wrong to make others laugh by making jokes about drunken quarrels in movies. He was once asked by the Rajahmundry Liquor Syndicate owners to honor him. Because they say that their income has increased due to his drunken roles. MS, however, smiled and politely declined when told of the honor.

MS Narayana won the State Nandi Awards for films like Ramasakkanodu, Ma Nannaki Pelli, Sardukupodam Randi, and Sivamani.
He also won the Nandi Award and the Filmfare Award for his comedy in the film Dookudu.

In 2015, he attended the Sankranthi festival in his hometown Nidamarru village where he first received first aid at a private hospital in Bhimavaram in AP due to ill health. He was later admitted to KIMS in Kondapur, Hyderabad for better treatment. MS Narayana died on January 23, 2015, at a leading hospital in Hyderabad. MS Narayana passed away at 9.40 am that day due to paralysis of various parts of his body. Following the death of MS Narayana, his wife Kalaprapurna also died of a heart attack in 2016

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