"You may not have the confidence that you will achieve something in life, but if somebody else believes in you, then you must believe in them and make efforts."  Venkatesh Prabhu Kasturi Raja had no clarity on what he wanted to achieve in life, and never did he think that he would be a hero someday. But his father believed in him, and Venkatesh Prabhu believed in his father. Venkatesh Prabhu Kasturi Raja is our "Rowdy Baby" Dhanush, the star actor who got close to Telugu audience with films like "3" and Raghuvaran Bitech movie. Yes, Dhanush's real name is Venkatesh Prabhu Kasturi Raja.

Dhanush was born on July 28, 1982 to Kasturi Raja and Vijayalakshmi. His real name is Venkatesh Prabhu Kasturi Raja. Kasturi Raja had two sons and two daughters. Selvaraghavan, the director of Path Breaking films like 7 / G Vrindavana Colony, is Dhanush's older brother.

Kasturi Raja is a famous writer, director and producer in Kollywood. Dhanush's mother Vijayalakshmi is a housewife. From a young age, there was a cinematic atmosphere at home. However, when Dhanush was very young,  the family lived in poverty. Even though Kasturi Raja was a writer, he did not get good opportunities, with this, it was difficult for the family to even eat. Kasturi Raja, Vijayalakshmi, and their four children, lived in a single room. They would eat only once a day. As a child, Dhanush did not have a single toy to play with. Dhanush often wondered why their situation was such , while his fellow children were wandering around in expensive clothes and cars.

Kasturi Raja was then offered the job of assistant director. With that, the family was able to settle down to some extent. They were able to eat three meals. Finally, Kasturi Raja became a director, and the whole family got to enjoy a better life. Kasturi Raja has directed many successful films. In fact, it was Kasturi Raja who introduced Dhanush as a hero.

Dhanush had been a good student since childhood. He scored very good marks in school. However, after joining Intermediate, Dhanush's interest in studies dropped.  Kasturi Raja found the actor in Dhanush, and wanted his son to be a well-known actor. That is why Kasturi Raja brought Dhanush to the movies at the age of 16, even before he completed Intermediate . But Dhanush did not like movies at all. "I'm not good looking, I'm so thin, how can I do films? Dhanush would question his father. Moreover, Dhanush was not comfortable in a crowd. He would go inside the room and lock it , if there was any function in the house. His father always thought that Dhanush would excel in movies.

"Nanna, how can I actually work as an actor. I'm am not handsome, so how can I compete with other heroes? Moreover, I do not want to be an actual actor. How do you expect me to become a star hero?" Dhanush would argue. His father would then assure Dhanush that he would excel in the field. Kasturi Raja forcibly brought Dhanush to the movies.

Kasturi Raja was earlier preparing to make a movie with a different hero. However, after deciding to make Dhanush a hero, he  decided to do the movie with Dhanush. Dhanush agreed to do the film just for his father, despite his hesistance . The film  Thulluvadho llamai which was released in low profile, was well received by the youth. Gradually the film became a super duper hit. With this film, Venkatesh Prabhu became Dhanush. Allari Naresh remade this movie in Telugu under the name Juniors.

Although the first film was a hit, Dhanush did not get a good name in the industry. Selva Raghavan  Raghavan, , started his second film with Dhanush. He made another bold film Kaadhal Condein.

Selva Raghavan worked very hard for his younger brother to make the film . Dhanush's second film Kaadhal Kondain was a huge hit. Dhanush  became an overnight star. Star heroes lined up to work with Selva Raghavan. Selva Raghavan showed a psycho love story in a very heartfelt way. Dhanush, who received criticism with his first film, joined the Star League. Sonia Agarwal, who starred in the film, also got good marks. Later in real life, director Selva Raghavan fell in love with Sonia Agarwal and married her. Allari Naresh remade this movie in Telugu. The remake of the movie titled 'Nenu' was a decent success in Telugu as well. Dhanush met Aishwarya during the special screening of his second film. Superstar Rajinikanth was so impressed with the movie that he called Dhanush to his farm-house and spoke to him for half an hour. Little did they know then that they would become in-laws.

Dhanush, who did his first two films with his father and brother, worked with a different director for his third film. Dhanush’s third film “Tiruda Tirudi” was also a decent success. The film was directed by Subrahmanyam Shiva. Chhaya Singh played the heroine. The film was remade in Telugu by Manchu Manoj as Donga Dongadi. It is through this film that Manoj debuted as a hero in Tollywood. The first three films starring Dhanush have all been remade in Telugu. Dhanush became famous for his two super hits in a single year.

Dhanush's career, which went uphill with three  super hits, came down a bit with the fourth film. Dhanush's fourth film Pudukotteyilirundu Saravanan got an average response. SS Stanley made this film.

Dhanush's fifth film Sullan did not reach the expectations and it was not as successful as hoped. The film, directed by Ramana, received negative reviews from critics. Audience also rejected the film. This was the first flop in Dhanush's career. The film was dubbed into Telugu with the title Maurya and released. Dhanush got married after the release of this film. Dhanush married superstar Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya. Dhanush’s seventh film was supposed to be his second film, as he had signed it right after his first. The film was titled Devatai Kanden.  The film was a commercial success and Dhanush's career bounced up again.

After the film, Dhanush got an opportunity to work with legendary director Anandagga Balu Mahendra. Though Dhanush was giving hit films until then, he did not get the right opportunity to prove his acting prowess. However, Balu Mahendra himself came forward to make a film with Dhanush and he  also encouraged him a lot during the shoot. This boosted Dhanush's confidence and Dhanush started believing that he too could be a good actor. However, Balu Mahendra's film with Dhanush, "Adu Ooru Kana Kaalam" did not play as well as expected. However, the film showed Dhanush in a new light.

Dhanush teamed up with his elder brother for the second time, for his next film. Selvaraghavan announced a movie with Dhanush.  Pudupettai, directed by Selvaraghavan was an average success. The main reason for this is the high dose of violence in the film. However, Dhanush's performance got very good marks. Selvaraghavan married Sonia Agarwal the same year after the film's release.

Next, Dhanush heard the story of Polladavan. The story was prepared by Vetrimaran, who worked as an assistant of Balu Mahendra. Dhanush liked the story and the film went on floors. The film was the biggest hit of Dhanush's career at the time. Not only did it receive critical acclaim,  it also became a super-duper hit.

Dhanush next did a remake movie. Until then, almost all of Dhanush's films had been remade in Telugu, Kannada and other languages by other heroes. But this was the first time, Dhanush starred in a remade  movie. His elder brother Selvaraghavan, who worked with Victory Venkatesh for his first Telugu movie "Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule", remade it in Tamil. While the story credits were given to Selvaraghavan, it was Jawahar who directed this movie under the name Yaradi Nee Mohini. The film became one of the biggest hits of Tamil films released that year. Dhanush became a star hero with a series of successes.

After that, Padikkadavan directed by Suraj, became another hit in Dhanush's career. Tamanna played the heroine in this film. With these back-to-back successes, Dhanush became one of the top 5 heroes in Kollywood. Dhanush, who had a successful remake with Yaradi Nee Mohini, remade another Telugu film Arya. The Telugu version had Allu Arjun as the hero. Mitran Jawahar, who directed Yaradi Nee Mohini, directed this film as well. Shriya played the heroine in this movie. The film was titled "Kutty". Initially, the film received mixed response but it went on to become another hit in Dhanush's career.

Dhanush - Mitran Jawahar duo hit a hat trick with another film. Dhanush also remade the Telugu super duper hit "Ready" under the title "Uttamaputhiran". The film also got mixed talk at first but was a super hit overall. With two Telugu remakes in the same year, Dhanush had two super hits with the same director.

In 2011, Dhanush - Vetrimaran joined hands again and delivered another superhit in the form of Aadukalam. The film, was not only the biggest hit, but it also swept awards that year. At the National Awards, the film won awards in 6 categories simultaneously - Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Music Director, Best Cinematography and Best Picture. Dhanush's career skyrocketed after this movie.

Two years later, Dhanush reunited with his elder brother Selvaraghavan. The film was titled Mayakkam Enna. This film too was a huge success in their combination. It is really remarkable that all the films that the brothers did together turned out to be major hits. Richa Gangopadhyay played the heroine in this movie. This picture was dubbed in Telugu under the name Mr. Karthik.

The following year, Dhanush had another special film in his career. The film "3" with Dhanush and Shruti Haasan playing the leads and Dhanush's wife Aishwarya as the director, was a huge hit and also received critical acclaim. The film was released in Telugu under the same name but did not achieve the expected result.

2013 was also a very special year for Dhanush as he made his entry into Bollywood this year. Under the direction of Anand L Roy and with Sonam Kapoor as the heroine, Dhanush's Ranjhana was a super hit at the box office. Dhanush won the Filmfare Award for this film.

His next film "Velaillai Pattadari" directed by Vell Raj, who worked as a cinematographer of several of Dhanush's films,  made the film. The story revolved around the struggle and success of a B.Tech graduate. The film was dubbed in Telugu under the name Raghuvaran B.Tech and became the biggest hit for Dhanush in Telugu. The film was a great success in Tamil as well. Three years after the release of the film, Dhanush created a sequel titled VIP 2, which was not been well received.

Dhanush's subsequent films Y Raja Y, Pa Pandi, Shamitab, Todari, Tanga Magan, Kodi and Maari took Dhanush one step further as an actor.  In 2018, Dhanush hit a super duper hit with Vada Chennai. In 2019, Dhanush and Vetrimaran got together for Asuran and it went on to become the biggest hit of his career. The film grossed nearly Rs 100 crore.

Currently, Dhanush is busy with 5 movies. It also includes the English film Gray Man. He will also be seen in another Hindi film "Atrangi Ray" under the direction of Anand L Roy. Akshay Kumar plays another hero in this film. Dhanush is acting in Jagame Tandiram and Karnan films in Tamil.

Though Dhanush acted pre-dominantly in Tamil films, he has a very good following among Telugu audience. His films were both dubbed and remade in Telugu. Maurya was his first film to be dubbed in Telugu. After that, movies like Dharmayogi, Anekudu, Mr. Karthi, Simha Putrudu, Nava Manmathudu, Dev, Rail, Shourya, 3, Marian, Raghuvaran B.Tech, VIP2, Maari, Maari 2 were dubbed into Telugu. Of these, films like Nava Manmathudu, Rail, 3, Raghuvaran B.Tech, Maari, Maari 2, and Dharmayogi brought good recognition to Dhanush in Telugu.

Though he got into acting by force, Dhanush developed a good passion for movies over the years. Dhanush became a producer with the intention of promoting good stories. Dhanush along with his wife Aishwarya set up a production company called Wonder Bar Films. He gave us many good pictures under this production company. The first film to be produced under this banner was "3". Aishwarya was the director of this film. Since then, the production company has produced up to 17 films. Wonder Bar Films has produced films like Vellai Illai Pattadari, Shamitab, Kaki Settai, Kaka Muttai, Maari, Nanum Rowdy Dan, Tangamagan, Visaranai, Cinema Veeran, Paa Pandi, Vada Chennai and Maari 2. Several films are currently under production.

Dhanush is also a talented singer. His talent was first spotted in the movie Pudukotteyilirundu Saravanan. Dhanush sang a song called Nattu Saraku in the film under the music direction of Yuvan Shankar Raja. Since then, it has become a habit to sing at least one song in his movies. We all know how big a sensation his song "Why This Kolaveri de" was. Written and sung by Dhanush in 2011, the song was viral on an international level. The song received over 10 million views during that time. Anirudh composed the song.

Talking about this song Dhanush says that this song is the biggest accident that happened in his life. Because the song, which was written, composed and released for fun, it  turned out to be a huge success. Dhanush sang not only in Tamil but also in Kannada and Telugu. He sang a song in the Kannada film Vajrakaya and in Telugu, he sang the title song in the movie Tikka starring Sai Dharam Tej as the hero.

Dhanush should be credited for the song "Rowdy baby" from Maari 2, as he has provided the lyrics for this song. Dhanush has also crooned the song. Composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, the song was a huge success. There are also those who went to the cinema just for this song. The song broke existing records and set new records on YouTube. It became the first South Indian movie song which recorded over 1 billion views. No other South Indian song has achieved this feat so far. This song is such a big success.

Dhanush is not only a singer but also a lyricist. He has already provided lyrics for dozens of songs. However, as a singer and lyricist, Dhanush mostly worked on his own films.

Awards are the measures of the talent of an actor. Dhanush has received many awards, honors and accolades in his career.

The National Awards are considered as the highest recognition that an actor gets. Dhanush has received four National awards so far. Dhanush has won awards twice as an actor and twice as a producer. Dhanush's first   National Award for Best Actor was in 2010 for his performance in Aadukalam. Also in 2014, Muttai won the National Award for Best Children's Film. In 2015, Visaranai won the National Award for Best Tamil Film. Recently, in 2019, Dhanush received another national award for his performance in Asuran. Dhanush Received National Filmfare Award for the Bollywood film Ranjhana.

Dhanush has received several Filmfare South Awards. He has  won the awards as Best Actor in 2011  , as Best Singer in 2012 for Why This Kolaveri De Song, as Best Actor for 3 films, Best Actor Award for Marion, Vellailai Pattadari, Best Picture for Muttai, and Best Actor for Vada Chennai.

Apart from these, Dhanush has won various awards like Vijay Awards, SIIMA Awards, Edison Awards, Vikatan Awards, and IFA. Dhanush received the Chennai Times' Stylish Star of South Cinema Award in 2011.

Dhanush is a strong believer that art has nothing to do with languages. That is why he has achieved success in the movies in different languages. Dhanush  has done most of his films in Tamil and has also acted in Hindi, Telugu and English. Many songs  sung by Dhanush have gained a lot of recognition. He can write songs, and stories. He has also achieved success as a producer. Dhanush's success in all these crafts is a reward for his hard work.

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