Chiyaan Vikram

Chiyaan Vikram is one of the best actors in South India. There's nothing wrong in saying that Vikram is second only to Kamal Haasan when it comes to playing variety of roles. Vikram has received many awards for his performance in the film. With his films Shivaputrudu and Aparichithudu, Vikram has gained fans in Tamil as well as Telugu. His performance in these films is just mindblowing. Apart from being a star performer, the actor has also shown us his singing talent. Lets find out more about him through this bio...

Vikram was born on April 17, 1966 in Tamil Nadu. His father Vinod Raj, also known as  John Walker, played small roles in Tamil films. Vikram's mother Rajeshwari is a housewife. Vikram's real name is Kennedy John Victor, and he changed his name to Vikram only after coming into movies. His hometown is Paramakudi in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. There are three other national best actors from the same town - Charu Haasan, Kamal Haasan, and Suhasini.

Vikram studied in Yercaud. He also holds a BA degree in English Literature from Loyola Degree College, Chennai. He also did his MBA there. During his days as a student in Chennai, Vikram used to watch a lot of Hollywood movies. From an early age, Vikram developed an interest in movies; he would spend more time watching movies than on education. Along with that, Vikram was also interested in sports, he aced all karate and swimming competitions. Vikram also plays guitar and piano. Vikram’s father Vinod wanted to be an actor but eventually settled down as an engineer. Vikram, who saw his father, fulfilled his dream.

Initially, Vikram did not like Tamil cinema much. His early films were all a series of flops so he also acted in Telugu for a few years. Vikram's first film in Telugu was Akka Pettanam Chelleli Kapuram directed by Dasari Narayana Rao. Vikram played the role of Rajendra Prasad's friend. His first movie as a hero "Chirunavvula Varamistava" did not hit screens due to some reasons. His film Bangaru Kudumbam directed by Dasari Narayana Rao is one of the most memorable films for the actor. In an interview, Vikram said that it was a great feeling to work with Akkineni Nageswararao in the film.

The 1999 film "Sethu" marked a turning point in Vikram's career. The film gave Vikram a big break as an actor. It won the National Award for Best Tamil Film and won two more awards. With the success of Sethu in Tamil, it was remade as Sheshu in Telugu, Hucha in Kannada and Tere Naam in Hindi. Ilayaraja composed the music for the film, which was directed by Bala.

The film "Kashi" was another big hit in his career. Vikram delivered an amazing performance as a blind person in this film.Kashi, which was a remake of a Malayalam film, was a good hit and took him a step further as an actor.

The 2002 film "Gemini" turned out to be the biggest hit in Vikram's career. The film stars Kiran Rathod opposite Vikram. The song 'O Podu' in this movie earned huge craze at that time. Though the film opened up to average talks, the collectios of the film were uninterrupted. The film went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year. The following year, films like Dhool and Swami gave Vikram hat-trick hits.

From then on, Vikram earned star status and every movie starring Vikram impressed audience. The film Pitamagan was one of them. The film was a huge hit in Vikram's career. Pitamagan was also dubbed in Telugu as 'Shivaputrudu'. The film went on to become a big hit in Tamil and Telugu languages. Vikram's performance in the film also won him a National Award. Surya's performance needs acholades. The film, directed by Bala, still makes fans crazy.

Vikram, who has been giving super hits in a row, started facing a series of flops. But with the film "Aparichitudu" he got back into the race. The film was surrounded with a lot of controversy. The story of the film revolves around a person with bipolar disorder and behaves like three different people. He turns into a super traditional character for a while, dons an ultra-modern avatar for a while and turns a rebel at other times. It was a triple role where the same man behaves like three different people. With the disease he has, he tries to kill the disease that has plagued society - Multiple Personality Disorder - a condition in which the same person shows different personalities ... shows extreme anger, extreme innocence and extreme love.

Nobody around him is aware of the problem and he is angry at the society. He is unaware of his condition, he keeps punishing people with traditional torture techniques... Kabhinkupakam for the caterer, Mikrinajambo for the fake brake wire seller, and akumpadam for the one who doesn't care about an accident... The story was very new. Shankar has made seven films till then. However, he wasnt as tensed for the other films. Sujatha Rangarajan wrote the story with ease, but Shankar had to put four times the effort to write the screenplay for it. He had to work a lot on the scenes and and characters. Earlier, one of the characters was a Sardarji to generate fun. But he was unsure if the South audience would connect. The character was then made into a Vaishnava Brahmin.

Shankar, who just completed Hindi ‘Nayak’, immediatly made the film "Boys. Normally, he does not think about another movie until he completes his current movie. But, he was thinking about "Aparichitudu" at the time of "Boys". He found the script to be very haunting. He had first approached Rajinikanth but he had rejected it and it was the second time Rajini rejected Shanker. The first time was for "Oke Okkadu". Shanker had already planned that he would approach Vikram if Rajini said no. The film went to Vikram. The film had to be made on a big budget so he wanted a daring producer. Oscar. V. Ravichandran is always ready for something like this. By then ‘Jeans’ was the costliest film made in the South.

He wanted to make the film with Aishwarya Rai as the heroine. She was also ready to work with Shankar again. After all, he gave her a memorable success with "Jeans". But Aishwarya was busy in Bollywood. The film then went to Simran. She was about to get married and the offer finally went to Sada, who bagged a hit ‘Jayam’. Rahman, who composed the music for his films, did not compose the music for the film. The film's music was composed by Harris Jai Raj. Shankar thought PC Shriram would be ideal for the cameraman but PC was very busy so the offer went to Ravi Varman. Varman was the assistant of the famous cameraman Ravi K. Chandran. He did Genelia's photoshoot for Boys. But Shankar had already hired Manikandan.

Along with the preproduction work, Vikram too started doing his homework for molding himself in the characters. He would get dressed as Ramanujam, stand in front of the mirror and practice his mannerisms by changing his body language. Everything was ok but he needed a slight paunch. Next, for the role of Remo, he had to don an ultramodern look and he changed his walking style as well. He also worked on his body. After this, Vikram took strict training and built his body for the role of Aparichitudu. He spent days and nights thinking about these three characters, he would have sleepless nights because of this. Vikram's wife Shailaja is a psychologist. Vikram would sit with her and have discussions about personality disorder.

The film Aparichitudu, opened on 2004 March 4 on the 11th floor at AVM Studio in Chennai at 9.30am. The film was titled ‘Anniyan’ in Tamil and ‘Aparichit’ in Hindi. Speaking at the press meet, Shankar said that the film was a fiction thriller, and it will be completed in six months. The journalists present at the meet were looked confused. The shooting continued, there were schedule after schedule, several plans were made, the film showed an episode of the annual Thyagaraja Mahotsava is held in Thiruvaiyur. The set for this scene was built in AVM Studio. Shots were taken at famous violinist Kannakudi Vaidyanathan, famous singers Unnikrishnan and Sudha Raghunathan.

127 martial arts professionals from Vietnam were brought in for an important action sequence. The taking was planned in Hollywood level. The technology used for the movie 'Matrix' was used for the scene. Set at the JB Indoor Stadium in Chennai, the scene took 25 days. The scene where Aparichitudu speaks to the public was filmed at Hyderabad's Gachibowli Stadium. The buffalo scene was also very difficult.

Aparichitudu made him a natural star. It was a stupendous hit. However, after the blockbuster, Vikram couldn't get another hit matching the range of this movie. A series of films after Aparichitudu flopped at the BO. Of all the films he has acted in, "Nanna" earned him good reputation. Vikram, under the direction of Mani Ratnam, also made his Hindi debut with the film Raavan. The film did not go as well as expected.

Shankar, the screenwriter, has given Vikram another hit to save his career. Vikram, British beauty Amy Jackson starrer "I" was a huge hit. This is the second film in the Shankar-Vikram combo, after Aparichutudu. The film "I"  was a blockbuster success. Shankar has an image of making new films with new concepts. Looking at the 'I' movie posters, trailer and Vikram attire, it was sure to be a super hit too. But, the film did not fare well at the box office. Released on January 14, 2015 in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, ‘I’ failed to meet expectations. The film was a hit in Tamil but did not play much in other languages. However, with the craze for director Shankar, the film got huge openings. Shankar, who directed an informative film like 'Aparichitudu' with Vikram, unveiled the Love and Revenge drama on the screen with "I". This revenge drama failed to impress the Telugu audience. Despite being a flop in Telugu, the film was a huge success on television. The satellite rights were acquired by Star Maa Channel at the time. The film had its world television premiere aired by Star Maa. It has a rating of 11.1 TRP. It is good that TRP is coming at this level even after all these years.

After I, Vikram did Inkokadu, Sketch, Swami 2, and Mr. KK. Sketch played well and received good response. Vikram is currently busy with Cobra and Dhruva Nachchitram movies.

Personal Life

Vikram fell in love with Shailaja Balakrishnan in 1980. Then in 1992, Vikram and Shailaja got married at the Guruvayur Temple along with a few hundred couples. Shailaja belongs to the Thalasiri village in Kerala. She is currently working as a psychology teacher in a school in Chennai. She gave advice and helped Vikram prepare for his mentally challenged character in the movie Diva Thirumagal. Vikram and Shailaja have two children Akshitha and Dhruv Vikram. In 2017, Akshitha got married to Karunanidhi Garu's great-grandson Ranjit. Vikram's son Dhruv Vikram made his entry in 2019 with Arjun Reddy's remake "Aditya Verma". The film became a super hit.


1. Vikram won the Filmfare Special Award and the Tamil Nadu State Film Award Special Prize for Sethu, the biggest hit in his career.

2. Vikram won the National Award for Best Actor for his performance in the 2003 film Pitamagan (Shivaputrudu). Vikram has also won Filmfare Awards, Film Awards, and Tamil Nadu State Awards.

3. Vikram's performance in the 2005 film Aparichitudu won Best Actor at the Filmfare and Asian Net Film Awards.

4. He received Filmfare and SIIMA Awards for Best Actor for the 2015 film "I".

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