‘Acharya’ shooting will be Wrapped up in 12 days..!!

Megastar Chiranjeevi, director Koratala Shiva's upcoming film Acharya. The film shooting came to the ending stage. There are only 12 more days of shooting left. In fact, the film Shooting was interrupted by corona.

Director Koratala Shiva said there were only 12 days left until the shooting. However, he did not say when the film would be released. On the other hand, He announced he is  Not Available on social media. He also gave an explanation for this.

He said there was a situation where the junior NTR film should be launched immediately after ‘Acharya’.  He said that he was very busy with the pre and pre-production work of these films... so he could not have time for social media. However, he said he will be available to fans through the media.

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