Aadhi’s ‘Clap’ completes shooting!

Adi is becoming the latest star to be choosing to play versatile characters. Not just hero roles but he is also okay for character roles that give him good scope to act. Needless to say, how good the characters he got in films like Ninnu Kori and Rangasthalam. Adi is currently working for the film titled ‘Clap’. The shooting of the film is currently complete. Adi has reported the same through his social media. "Clap is complete. This journey was very close to my heart. Now we are going to get closer to your hearts," Adi tweeted. This film will release in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Adi is playing a very difficult role as an athlete and coach. Prithvi Aditya is producing it and Akshara Singh is the heroine. Ilayaraja is working as the music director for the film. Prakash Raj is also playing a key role in the film.

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