A temple for Sonu Sood in Telangana

We Indians go to any extent to glorify a person we like. We see people who help us as gods. Now the same is happening with real hero Sonu Sood. People suffered a lot when the government implemented the lockdown due to the corona pandemic. Many communities were in a state of despair. In this background, Sonu Sood helped many people regardless of the region and language. He has done many good things since repatriating migrant workers to their homelands and bringing trapped students abroad. He has provided many help to the needy. People started loving Sonu Sood so much that they are now building a temple for Sonu Sood in Telangana. People from Dubba Tanda village in Siddipet district of Telangana have built a temple for Sonu Sood. "We are very happy to build a temple for Sonu Sood, who helped many during the pandemic," the locals say.

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