A department in Sarat Chandra I.A.S academy named after Tollywood actor Sonu Sood

Wish my mom was there to see this. Miss u more today maa 🙏

Posted by Sonu Sood on Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The country was so disturbed by the lockdown that was imposed to curb the spread of corona. However, the lockdown did hurt a lot of lives as people lost their jobs. During such hard times, many people from the industry came forward to help the poor. Sonu Sood was among the stars who got to be known as the masiha during the testing times. He helped many migrant workers reach their home. Sonu Sood sent nearly 20,000 migrant workers to their homes in trains, buses and flights, and spent his money for the cause.Now, Sonu Sood’s good deeds got honoured as a department at the Sarat Chandra IAS Academy, which is the country's largest name for IAS and IPS training, has been named after Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood shared this news through his social media account and said that he would have been happier if his mother was with him.

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