A big Confusion for Pushpa Team!!!!

SS Rajamouli's RRR team has released a new poster of Tarak as Komaram Bheem for their film today on the occasion of the Tarak's Birthday. The look of the Tarak's is so intense and truly reflects a superb and perfect performer like NTR. On the otherside, the poster also mentions that the film is on track for the October 13th, 2021 release. As things stand today, the movie's release is not disrupted by the covid 2nd wave. It has to be seen if the team will stick to it in the coming days

Meanwhile, this will push Allu Arjun's Pushpa into confusion. Pushpa team recently announced making their film in two parts and is planning to release their 1st part on October 13th. In fact,  some biggies in Telugu are targeting the Dussehra Season. If RRR is on track for October 13th,  there should be a lot of changes in their release plans.

Before everything else,  we should first  see the end of this pandemic, and shootings should begin. Only then, the RRR team or any other team can really plan their  release.

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