40-rules of Rashi Khanna

The Delhi beauty Rashi Khanna who is ruling the South Indian Movie Industry has shared a  post on her Instagram about nature. Along with this post, Rashi Khanna also shared a photo in which she can be seen enjoying nature. Along with Rashi, the photo also captured nature’s beauty. White clouds, black hills,   beautiful Rashi Khanna next to the sea, the photo is very delightful. Along with this photo, she quoted the lines of Ilf Shafak, a French writer, from the book “Forty Rules of Love”. "There is only one Universe. Everyone is connected in some way. Whether we know it or not, we are all engaged in a silent discussion. Let us be merciful so that we do not go astray. We don’t want words to be spoken behind the scenes. Let every word we speak be with the mind rather than with the mouth. Because the words we speak will surely have time to hit us back. One's pain hurts us too. We should also enjoy one's happiness,” she captioned. Currently, Rashi Khanna is enjoying her journey with a series of hit movies in Tollywood.

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